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BrotherHades' SubD Tutorial

By BrotherHades
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A quick and simple subdivision tutorial for DAZStudio.

The character used in the tutorial is JadeDragon's Paige that I got a chance to Beta test.

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© 2008 - 2021 BrotherHades
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rkainne's avatar

Thx for your work.

KetsuekiRyu's avatar
Great tutorial! Always nice to learn something new.
BrotherHades's avatar
Thank you! It was an enjoyable project to work on, might have to do another one someday.
KetsuekiRyu's avatar
You're quite welcome.
pyrosthenes's avatar
Excellent! I'll add this to my mental tool kit and use it when appropriate.
BrotherHades's avatar
For myself SubD is always appropriate on the figures, got Vicki 4 and Michael 4 set to load with SubD applied through Powerloader in DS :)
Lord-Crios's avatar
Thak you very miuch, this is really usefull.
BrotherHades's avatar
You're welcome! It was fun to do the tutorial gave me a chance to test some stuff out and help out current and future DAZ Studio users.
Lord-Crios's avatar
I use DAZ from many time, but never really understand the SubD function :D
hamstergrl's avatar
Great timing! Yesterday I was looking at one of my renders where the breast had the same angles marring the underside, and was wondering what could be done about it besides fixing in post (which I hate doing, LOL). Only used subD once or twice on hair that had been highly morphed...its good to see another use for it. Thank you - yet again!
BrotherHades's avatar
My pleasure, glad it was of help :)
James-Bong's avatar
Cool, I keep forgetting that DAZ has subD. I didn't even think of using it on hair!
BrotherHades's avatar
Thanks, I tend to not use it on hair as much, but it works well, I tend to use sub-d when I use posermatic's NGM sets, makes them look better and cuts down on postworking.
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