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Residents of Evilvilles V 0.3


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Hey guys new update here, change log at the bottom! Please do me a favor and give the game a rate on itchio or leave a comment! It means a lot to hear from you guys :)



Added: Night 2! Explore the Charelston Mansion and try not to get too tied up ;)

Added: The start of day 3. Get a little sneak peek on what day 3 will look like. 

Added: Some quality of life changes and some music changes.

Fixed:Removed some de-bug features I had left in the game. 

Fixed: Error with images flashing on the screen out of context.

Fixed: Copious amounts of traps made the mansion too difficult, this was toned down in this update.

Fixed: Error with status screen not showing proper images.

Fixed:  Assorted grammatical mistakes.

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Oh, sad...

I have an interesting bug at Day 4. Like a diverication.

a) If I do NOT come in Carol room, I have that babysitter quest and "true" (but early) ending. On the other hand I don't meet Jill and Ada on streets.

b) If I come in Carol room, bug will block that new area. Instead I have Jill and Ada quests, which I can't complete.

Just curious: how should it work under normal conditions? All quests are available at Day 4? Or Jill and Ada should give their tasks much earlier?

Oh, another small bug. I don't see naughty brats, who bind Claire in Day 1. Just some dark figures.

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Jill and Ada give their quests after you finish your chores for the day. But thanks for that heads up I'll finish that next patch!

Carol want some books, but I found only one "Detective novel". Can I bring more? Plus punk, her mumbling about yoga and belts from club man. Can I do something with it?

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Yeah she's going to have about 3 or 4 you can find throughout the game. That parts not done yet haha

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good game girls trap trouble me ufnal trap trouble girl

Also, maybe have the losing scene go on a bit longer, for story purposes, allow the player to play along a bit before they realize they are stuck forever.

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I was trying to figure out ways to do this without it seeming to cheap, any ideas?

please reconsider the blindfold mechanic, if the player cannot see, they cannot enjoy the scenery. i understand why it is there, but maybe the effect is hiding the traps, not limiting the players vision.

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I was actually thinking about changing it to hidden traps or making the blindfold the last bit before Claire gets a gameover

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Not really sure what I'm doing wrong but I got the tweezers from the box and I still can't enter the mansion

Nvm it was on the right side of the mansion
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I will be posting a walkthrough once the game is done to make it easier for everyone :)
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Honestly, I really really REALLY want more Ada in this game so I hope you plan more screentime for her :3
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Ada, Jill, and Ashley all have their own little story arcs. So youll definitely be seeing more of them :)
Really enjoyed the game, your art style is one of my favs.  I wish there was tickling in the game but I know thats not everyone's cup of tea.  Great bondage events.  Looking forward to the remainder of your work in the hotel and this one.
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Thank you so much! I actually have always had tickling in mind to put into the games, just a matter of figuring out where :)
I've thought about making my own games a few times but drawing can be intimidating.  May I ask what method you used to get started?  Is this all done on a wacom tablet with some specific software or something else?
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I just started doodling one day and looking at what other people did. I used a site called Drawabox which helps you get the basics down. And I’ve been using the same Wacom tablet for about 3 years now with photoshop as the only software.

I think a big thing everyone forgets is to take small steps and actually enjoy what you’re doing. Too many people look at others and get upset with the progress someone else made. Focus on yourself and enjoy little victories and getting better at art becomes much more effective :)
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Very solid work! The only two things that disrupted the flow of the game: 1.Blindfold - very hard to play with it and if you don't have the restraint remover - you are cooked. Some of the traps that contain blindfold are impossible to spot.

2. Restraint remover - as above - the mechanic of having to go back to the robot to get blindfold removed is tedious, sometimes extremely hard.

Amazing story, great music choice, very good graphics!

Keep up the good work! I hope you are okey, wish you all the best!

Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Thank you very much! I do want to re-work the blindfold aspect so I'm gonna be looking into how to change it up a little. I might actually make it the last restraint.

Love it! Awesome work! is this still being updated?

Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Of course! It's the current game I'm working on :)
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Great start to the game bro.  The traps are great.  Even being blindfolded isn't too horrible, tho it can make exploring a bit hard, but kinda the point I'd imagine.  Picking the lock was kinda hard blindfolded, but felt way to easy with full vision so I hope you don't nerf the effect that much in the next version.  Also, please don't make the traps too easy to see or else the only time anyone is going to step on them is when they are hunting for bad endings.  Hitting the traps genuinely is way more fun then purposely setting them all off. I wasn't able to find any bugs that haven't already been mentioned other then that when talking to some npcs while gagged Claire just mmmphs and other npcs she talks to normally.  Only played through once normally tho so when I go back through again I'll try to actually break it xD
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
The gag talk is something I'm gonna have to work around. I realized the conversations are hard to write when one person is gagged haaha.
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I played it. And I enjoyed it a lot. I am totally getting back to Hostage Hotel - I finally got the right motivation boost.

P.S. What do I have to do to meet the girl on the top left screen? ^^;
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