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Hostage Hotel Chapter 2 Beta

*Fxed issue with bar background sound carrying over.

**If your antivirus tags it as a virus just add the game as an exception. This happens with a lot of rpgmakrer games that use Javascript plugins. Not trying to give you guys kinky viruses for your computers haha.

So here we have it, welcome back to the Hostage Hotel(actually named Lancaster Hotel but you guys prefer the kinky name). It's been a lot of work and I definitely learned a lot by screwing up soooo many times. Lets start with some mentions of people who really helped me out! I will be posting a credits page in game when it's done but for now we get this :)

Meep987654321 This guy has been nothing but supportive and helpful in the testing process. Awesome dude for the help!

Tabernakli123 Went beyond what I expected from someone testing my game, kudos and much love to you my man!

mmmmGoodDinner Another supportive and great tester, also very neat and organized...Unlike myself haha.

rabies98 8amber8 darkangle433 for grabbing those bugs and spelling mistakes I couldn't find, these 3 have a good eye!

conqueror3 One of the guys that inspired the game, everyone has him to thank for the game coming to fruition :)

And a quick word  about the game. Balancing horror, plot, and bondage can get very difficult at times, they go hand in hand but sometimes things can get dark very quick. Because of this I went over the final scene multiple times, due to the nature of the scene things could have gotten way too dark way too fast. In all honesty I didn't want the final scene to have any bondage in it at all, but I wanted to keep true to the genre and kept it in the game. So as a warning the final scene of the game, after Ashley gets into Nancies room, is a little different then what I truly imagined due to the bondage aspect. However the scene still gets the point across plot wise so I'll say it's a victory!

As always a link to the group:…

And to the game:…
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jackmaskevich's avatar
OK I'm sorry to keep bugging you but I keep getting stuck at the end. I make it through the deer chase portion where you free the butterflies, but the portion AFTER that always causes a game-over without allowing me to move or do anything. What am I supposed to do here??? o_O
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
So are you at the portion with the straight away? You can hold Shift to move faster to avoid being caught.
jackmaskevich's avatar
After a couple tries I finally got it. I finished Chapters 1 and 3 and got to the end of Chapter 2 before I even knew you could run in the game. The few times I got to that final chase in 2 before I left you a comment, the deer was right on top of me before I even had a chance to move, but I somehow finally got a chance to actually move on my own. I can't wait for Chapter 4! :D
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Haha thanks, I really should have included a quick tutorial ;). What was your favorite chapter?
jackmaskevich's avatar
Chapter 3 was my favorite but only because of how much better it was than the previous two (I will say the opening dream sequence where you have to use your mouse with dream-Tamara domming you was a little goofy... although choosing the pantygag made it a screenshotable moment). In terms of actual kink-related elements... I'd still say Chapter 3 but Chapter 2 had a lot of good content overall. I'm still trying to wrap my head around where IRL Ashley was during Chapter 3. Probably kept in the same basement chamber as Bella. I really want to know what happened to Claire, I noticed the cat accidentally called Bella "Claire" in Chapter 1. Fuck, this whole story is really intriguing. I WANT MORE. >:)
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Hehe well I hope you look forward to how it concludes! Chapter 4 will finish up with mostly all the undertow characters ;)
jackmaskevich's avatar
I can't wait! :D Any timetable as to when it may be released?
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
its not gonna be for a while, this chapter will be a lot longer than previous chapters. But using the data from what people liked on the last few chapter this one should be pretty fun to play :)
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a-fishy-a-nado's avatar
Great game! I just played through all three chapters and I'm hooked :). I like your writing style, I get drawn into the story. Also the art is awesome! Very sexy. Can't wait to see the next chapters!
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Thank you so much! It's a trying experiment getting the writing to work. I took a couple of writing classes in college, but never anything crazy. So I appreciate that you find my writing enticing :) Anything specific you loved?
a-fishy-a-nado's avatar
I really liked the whole dream sequence at the start of chapter 3. The game mechanics when Nancy's on the table are very fun.

Another part I like is in chapter 1, when she goes into the underworld area. Neat bit of world-building and told in a sexy way. 
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
I loved making the first section, surreal scenarios are my favorite to make.
Wano-x's avatar
I just discovered your game and played both chapters and it's amazing! The best part is dialogue writing, I love how you handle dominant characters! <3
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Thank you very much! I have 3 more chapters planned and if you like dominant character you're gonna like chapter 3 :)
Wano-x's avatar
Can't wait then :D 
Just played through chapter 1. There were a TON of typos. I have a lot of experience as an editor, if you'd like.
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
That was a major issue I had, I have people to check over it now but thank you anyways :)
Great game just got it and played it.
One thing I noticed though is that if you go through those curtains rather than talk to Natalie at the end you can walk in the walls

Is there an eta on ch 3
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Good catch! I should've noticed that. And right now Im gonna say mid December :)
Monokub's avatar
Loving the game so far! Also applaud you for being one of the first people I've seen make a horror-themed DID game ^_^. I'll post bugs as I catch them as well as Feedback, i'll code them as BR (bug report) and FD (feedback) respectively.

FB: FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY! Love that we're finally continuing past the bar scene after long freaking last XD I've seen several updates to this game but nothing past the bar scene, mostly either chapter 1 stuff or bug fixes, so glad we got an update-update.

BR: If you get caught by the women in the hallway and escape the first time, your character appears as if all the restraints were removed from her. Don't know if they actually were, might've missed dialogue a bit, but pretty sure the only thing she did in the smaller room was escape from it. So overall yeah, first bug- the main girl's using the wrong sprite/unrestrained sprite.

FB: Double huzzah! You finished the bathroom robot scene thing! Finally, I cant tell you how annoying I found that one. Not that it was bad, far from it, just found it a little annoying with how it was never finished, and usually when it did "end", you were stuck on the picture thing while you could still move your character, so the picture was always blocking the thing.

BR: Similar issue with spider area, again, don't know if intentional. Your character is unrestrained.

BR/Typo: As the queue says, not really a bug, just a typo I found. In the 2nd securebot scene, your 3rd of 4 choices say "Sales people deserver to die!"- just a typo, should be deserve/deserves.

FB: Related to that scene, I actually love how you added an addition where you need to find the magazine to get an option prompt to pop up to escape the securebot 2. Nice level of detail and actually makes the necessity of randomly exploring more enjoyable knowing you need things like this in the future ^^.

Final Verdict: a solid A to me ^^! I love your inclusions of everything, and how you added some more game over scenes to this game than just a simple 3 like last chapter (only came across 1 in the main hotel and then 2? in the alt Hotel), shows how much time and energy you put into the game. It's a LOT of fun, I am questioning if there's an alternate ending to this chapter though since it feels a bit dark/tragic at the end. Plus as a horror-based game, it would actually make a bit of sense to add multiple endings, like:

"you become evil and run the kidnap Co."


"you're subjected to the most restrictive of bondage fates; nearly mummified with only your eyes visible, after putting on a straight jacket and ball gag, chained to several different walls surrounding you in a padded small room while strapped down to a bed, all the while having "toys" on constantly that drive her crazy- bringing her close to the edge of "release", but never giving her one".

I can give you other ideas for future bondage-related scenarios if you want, not just for endings or whatever. Overall great game, and really cant wait for future updates!!!
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Thank you so much for the bug reports and feedback!

So for the magazine part you mentioned I will be incorporating stuff like that a lot more in chapter 3. I'll be hiding some things, other things will only be found through certain dialogue choice, and many other little mechanics. So I'm very happy you enjoyed that part :)

Also about the endings, for this chapter there's only one true ending(we will be seeing more of Ashley, don't worry). I was considering the option for multiple endings to each chapter, but it would be too hard to take the story in that many directions. Especially since i have the main story already done haha. But I will be including more "bad ends", since they are really fun to do. I'm always open for recommendations, so if you want send me some notes and we could discuss them!
GuntherTheGuy's avatar
Hey, I might be having a spot of bother; I'm in the alt bar, and I just got the restraints off, but I can't seem to get over the crack in the floor? Is this a glitch maybe or am I not doing something right?
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Did you pick up the bar from the top right? You need to place the bar over the gap to cross it.
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