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Hostage Hotel Chapter 1 beta v1.0

    Alright guys the final version of chapter 1 is out with so much goodies! So head over to itchio and download the file that says "Hostage Hotel". Hostage Hotel is a game by me that focuses on 3 girls as they are pulled into a world of bondage and horror.

    Like usual I hope you guys have a lot of fun! There should be minimal bugs, but if you do find something don't hesitate to message me or post a comment! This is my first game out of Alpha so I'm a little nervous but that's what makes it fun to me. Being able to provide you guys with something I've put a lot of work into fills me with happiness. So thank you for helping me along the way to everyone who's been a part of this and has helped me test it out :)

There is a hidden scene when you get the hole in wall game over if you find the Cursed totem for those looking for it.

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How to get past the line thanking for playing demo?
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That's actually the end, I just never got rid of the text! Sorry about that.
I downloaded the game from the above link today, but I got stuck in the game.
I got blocked by tentacles.
In the above video, the hallway is clear, but in my game, there are many tentacles and one of them is blocking the way just below the white surgical table so I cannot pass it through. First time it's okay because when I go to tentacle it sends me from right to left side of the room, but when I'm done in the left side I cannot go back to right side.
Seeing the video, it looks like tentacle should come there after I pass through, but it is not the case for me.
Can you help me with this please?
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Hey sorry it took me so long to see this. Do you have the most up to date version of the game? That was a pretty old bug I thought I fixed in a later versiom
Yes I downloaded it a week ago from here.… 
Isn't this the newest version?
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Can you send me a screenshot? The tentacles should only be appearing where the little black holes are.
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Thats so weird, I dont know how it got there. You should be able to move up one and to the right once if im not mistaken though.
What do you mean? There is no way between the tentacle and the surgical table. And I don't think I can push the table around. :(
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Not gonna lie it was really good, but it felt like I had a whole chunk of the game missing... Like, was it supposed to suddenly cut to the blonde girl like that? Or was that only because I helped the little girl outside of the lobby?
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That was an oversight I made, I should have transitioned that a little better. I'll probably make a little scene where it can explain how Bella got there ;) But thank you for playing! What would you say your favorite part was?
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Honestly, I love the overall feel to it. There are bondage references left and right but they don't feel forced at all and that's something that I can appreciate in how organic and everyday they feel.

There is one thing I think I'd like to see a little more focus on: The female Bondco employees (I think they're employees?) — like the ones who plot to ambush Ashley as she's outside of the shower. I got a pretty big you-know-what when they were talking about robbing her and I think including an illustrated scene like that would be a very fun inclusion! ^_^ I make that suggestion having not played Chapter 3 yet so maybe it already happened.

I guess another thing is when you find the little message left for the Bondco employee in Chapter 1 that tells her that she's not meeting her abduction quota and that she'll be the one shipped out next time. I think it'd be interesting to explore how Bondco employs these women and what they do to capture their targets.

Sorry this got a little lengthy, but I hope these serve as helpful feedback! I can definitively say that I'm invested in this series :)
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Dont worry, i love the lengthy responses! It's great input so i can make the next chapter better :) So this game is more of a prelude to a bigger project I plan on working on wthat will go into greater depth about being a Bondco employee ;)
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Perfect! :D I'm really looking forward to it!
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This Should Be For Android
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I wanted to make it for mobile, but I messed up the code too much. It was just a practice game so newer games might be on mobile :)
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chapter three doesn't allow you to continue a side quest on the 4th floor after finishing the story. just fyi
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Thats a part that will be added soon :)
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Played chapter one now and now chapter 2 made a little more sense :D . Not a great fan usually of "horror" games but this was really good. Looking forward to the next chapter! what are the glass shards for if I may ask?
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I wondered how it would feel playing chapter 2 before 1, I would be very confused haha. You can use those shards to cut the ropes from the pink haired girl if you go on a "date" with her.
this looks kinda neat
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
Give it a shot, you might like it :)
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