Thinking on to start a CROWDFUNDING project.

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This is it. I want to start a crowdfunding project. I am looking for good printing and shipping prizes that offers me good quality. I'm waiting for an answer from a very cool guy I have meet who is going to help me.

I think that my crowdfunding project will be an artbook. But I don't want to stay just there. I mean, the most important thing is that I want to enjoy every page I fill. Every line I do and every color I choose.

If I don't feel I'm spending a good time doing this, I should not do it. And this kind of mentallity is what makes me want to do this. Spending a super good time, and have one of the better experiences in my life.

So, I want to do something different than an artbook.

I'm in contact with a known french comic writter who will writte for me some short comic stories. I would like to do atleast 3 short stories. As you might know, becouse some of you guys have seen what I like to do, you will noticed that I like doing characters, machines, full illustrations, some concepts, and that my stuff is not limited to 1 style. I want to do all the things I have in my head, but I will need different styles to do them. Not very different from what I have done un till now, but I will want to do some concept art too.

So, if my plan works well, the idea is to fill the book with; Illustrations, designs and concepts, short comic stories, environments and landscapes, and sketches.

One more thing to add to all this, is that I'm not sure if I will have succes on this. You know, crowdfunding projects are not easy, and they asks a lot of effort from the artist and people who is helping.

just, tell me if this sounds good for you. It's very important to know if this is a good idea :)

Have a nice day guys, and come to visit my FaceBook / Sergi Brosa
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That’s a nice site you people are carrying out
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Es genial la cantidad de historias que cuentas con una sola historia, se podrian sacar millones de capitulos, episodios.. tu projecto por lo k veo sera en papael, perocreo tienes un lugar en diseño de, Todo en general... viaja a japon! ESTUDIO 4ºC !! jajaja me muero por ver algo parecidoa genius party? tus historias serian geniales como OVA's animados de historias inexistentes :D Definitivamente comprare el artbook, pero no te kedes ahi! quiero ver k hacen las piratas, sus caracteres, ver esa moto en marcha y ver correr los cocodrilos al lado! yo tambien soy dibujante pero las circunstancias socio economicas me han llevado a meterme en una oficina.. tu estilo, mndos y maquinaria! son impreisonantes, todo lo que no pedo estar sacand y desentrañando de mi cabeza y es genial. sigue asi! ademas el croudfundding si llega a la gente creo no encontraras problema! salut!
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dude... that's totally awesome, I would love to buy a book full of your work :D
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Thanks a lot man!!!!
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awesome. ill try to support if i can when you do it!
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Thanks a lot. Don't worry if you can't! I will try to do it the most cheapest possible
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Thumbs up to the idea.
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thansk a lot
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just love what you're about to do and focus on that alone...when you do something you love then most of the time if not all the time all the other thing follows thru :)

....don't think about funding and such for even if things doesn't work out, in the end you'll still have the amazing art that you enjoyed creating for you to share and other people to see and you have said that it's about the experience. ;)
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Yes, the experience is the most important thing. If I don't spend a nice time, better don't do it. So I must try to spend the best time ever!!! Thanks for your opinion
Hey Sergi,
Enrique Fernandez used Verkami for his BD/ comic. Contact him for advice. And yes, I book would be great from you!
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I know Enrique. He told me once that he could help me. I'm dying to talk with him this days :)

Thanks a lot!
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Wait, I'm lost on just about everything thats happening here and with you. You are a great artist, so I'm sure you are working for Disney or something, if not, why?? Another thing is I have no idea about who you are. Why not put some information about yourself in your description like why you're an artist, what you enjoy in your free time, what you ultimately hope to do with your skills, something that potential investors or art lovers can see.
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haha yeah working for disney. Spain is a death black hole where artist like me have no choices. The best work we can get is working in this facebook apps companies (that are very good places). We have no comic industry, not videogame industry, not animation industry, nothing, we just have stupid politics and corruption everywere.

Sorry, I don't like to putt many things about me. But, my career, for example? is nothing. I have been working doing comissions for people and some companies thanks to deviantart, and I have not got the option to do more jobs, or a regular job. So, artisitcaly talking, I'm noone. I'm Sergi, hello! a nice spanish guy who wants to do what he loves to do; Drawing and painting. I'm 25, living with my girlfriend... and... what ellse can I say? the tippical things, I love my mum and dad, and I also love my friends and my cats :) I like the mountain. In winter I like to snowboard, and I feel save over a deck (skateboard deck, snow deck, surf deck...)

You can find more stuff about me in my facebook, Sergi Brosa, but I don't really like to share many many things about my personal life. Just some photos of me, and drawings and sketches and paintings and stuff :)

I wish I have answered you some things
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Wow, I wasn't aware of Spain being so out of the media industry of sorts. I visited Barcelona some time ago and I thought it was an absolutely beautiful place so much so that I even considered making it my new home, but I'm still in the States. I'm Evans by the way and I find your artwork to be very interesting and unique. I like your style so much that I've actually been in contact with a few friends that work in the animation industry, because I would like to see more of your work.

I appreciate the response and the bit of history about yourself. Would you ever consider living in the U.S.?
Please don't stop making your wonderful art and whatever it is that inspires you please keep it.
Thanks again. :)
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Spain is fucked, and Barcelona seems gorgeous if you visit it, but the truth is that most of the 50% of young people have not job, and the rest of people is loosing jobs, loosing homes, and stuff. Spain is a land of dumbs. The most powerfull companies in spain were construction companies. Now there is not construction in spain, so we are going down down down. In spain they never inverted money in culture, so, what we have now?... the biggest part of spain doesn't speak english.

Yes, I would move the the US, ofcourse. Actually my plan in the future would be moving to the UK, USA, Canada... Australia? whatever

I will not stop working hard on what I love to do! I wish a nice company put attention on me! My idea is to send one of my artbooks to some companies where I would like to be. Maybe its a good way to show a portfolio :)
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To be honest, the USA is not the greatest of places to be right now, although it may not be as fucked as you say Spain is but its close. Jobs here are being moved overseas to areas like china, korea, mexico, etc for cheap and the divide between the Rich and Poor is getting worse, the Rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. There are many here that are loosing their homes as well and the young are facing high university loan debt making it even harder. Taxes have increased and its seriously difficult to do anything here unless you know someone. :(

The economy seems to be suffering in most places at the moment, not sure about Australia or Canada but UK is seeing hard times too. I work for an investment company that has clients such as Disney, Viacom, Universal Pictures, Pixar and some other hard hitters. I have you and another artist on here that I really like and I always try to send friends of interest and clients from these companies to your dA page, that's one of the reasons I asked about more info from you. :)

It was nice meeting you, hope things work out well and I will keep in touch.
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Oh, and, Thanks for showing interest in my job and also in myself. In makes me really happy
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Sounds like a great ideia and I would be thrilled that it came true. Better yet if you could get someone to actually publish it! ;)
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Yes, it would be awesome to get a publisher. But till I don't get it, I will try it by myself. No one will stop me now, it's try it or die trying it
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That's the spirit! :D
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Great idea Bro. I'm doing one for my project. Let me know if you any help.
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Hey man!!!! thanks, I'm trying it so hard! Let me see yours, maybe we can help each other to find beter things!
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Cool bro. Send me an email and we can talk about it there.
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