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I'm sharing this kind of steps on BEHANCE;

Go check them

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On the sketch that a dong?
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You are totally awsome!!! Men..
i like your style and your color.
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I want this. I want this level of awesomeness as an artist. Absolutely magnificent. Thanks for sharing with us.
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Wish I could draw like that!
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You are boss ;)
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Great look into process, You've made an incredibly vibrant Tone in not just this but all these pieces. Theeay really reach into my head and let me see glimpses of what this thing will be and it looks mind-blowing :)
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this is very good and very helpful!
HolyMane's avatar
thanks a lot me 
its helping me with my linework
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You make it look easy. Ultracanyero! ;)
geminisoku's avatar
Thanks for the steps! Really great stuff...
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as usual beautiful work. Love the ur rough sketches
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:) thank you man!
Mo-Hashim's avatar
No worries man, your an awesome artist, not doubt of that. :)
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Just great. I admire your work. Amazing!
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thanks a lot!
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I think I'm asking a similar question but, how did you color over your shaded/highlight level? *.* I've seen it done before but I'm not sure how it's done. And I have CS6. Do you put a layer above in multiply,overlay, or is it something else entirely?
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No multiply. multiply layers destroy de naturality of colors. I shade in usual layers, and then I use masks of values, or similar masks to control a little bit the tones.
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Lovely work. How do you incorporate your soft shading above with your flats and cell shading? 
Brosa's avatar
I do not incorporate that soft shading pass. That is just something to make my head clever on what must be clear, what darker, and separate planes. Just a guide
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oh I see. :) haha it looks awesome even if it's just a guide. Really awesome stuff and thank you for the reply. 
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So cool. I love your style.
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wonderful process, any models or references?
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in this case I didn't used referents, but I like to use them to improve my skills in anatomy. Oh, well, yes I used referents for the crocodiles
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