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This is an example of what I would like to do; Many of you have already read about it, and gave me your support. I'm telling it again.


This is it. I want to start a crowdfunding project. I am looking for good printing and shipping prizes that offers me good quality. I'm waiting for an answer from a very cool guy I have meet who is going to help me.

I think that my crowdfunding project will be an artbook. But I don't want to stay just there. I mean, the most important thing is that I want to enjoy every page I fill. Every line I do and every color I choose.

If I don't feel I'm spending a good time doing this, I should not do it. And this kind of mentallity is what makes me want to do this. Spending a super good time, and have one of the better experiences in my life.

I want to do something different than an artbook.

I'm in contact with a known french comic writter ( Jean-David JD Morvan ) who will writte for me some short comic stories, and who is also helping me on the process of the crowdfunding. I would like to do atleast 3 short stories. As you might know, becouse some of you guys have seen what I like to do, you will noticed that I like doing characters, machines, full illustrations, some concepts, and that my stuff is not limited to 1 style. I want to do all the things I have in my head, but I will need different styles to do them. Not very different from what I have done un till now, but I will want to do some concept art too.

So, if my plan works well, the idea is to fill the book with; Illustrations, designs and concepts, short comic stories, environments and landscapes, and sketches.

One more thing to add to all this, is that I'm not sure if I will have succes on this. You know, crowdfunding projects are not easy, and they asks a lot of effort from the artist and people who is helping.

just, tell me if this sounds good for you. It's very important to know if this is a good idea

I would like to share the process of my crowdfunding. Just for curious, for interest, and if someone wants to do one, and he needs ideas, or needs to know where others have failed to don't do the same mistakes. I think something like this would be a nice experience.

I'm showing you some images I have done, just trying to show what is the looking that the book would have. I'll show you more soon

I will thank you a lot if you share this, and I also thank you a lot by your support. My happyness is now on this book :)

You will find mor info soon here and also in my FACEBOOK
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Your articles are very well written and
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Yo también lo compraba Thumbs Up 
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I will be in COMPLETE support of crowdfunding an artbook produced by you!!!!
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lo quiero YA.
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I cannot wait for your artbook!!!! I really want one.
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Definitely sign me up for a kickstarter. The exposure and payment ease there seem to payoff well for a lot of illustrators and comic creators.
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I will be VERY interested if you do an art book. Let us know!
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this needs to happen :)
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I would buy your artbook in a heartbeat, I'm not kidding.
Really great job !
If you succeed to edit your "artbook", I'm interested to buy one...
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I just run across you today, and man, as a 2nd year student of Visual communication & Illustration who scours the web for inspiration and for interesting illustrators all the time, I have to say, your art is top notch in every way. I like many illustrators, but from a quick look at your gallery I can already say that I'd back your book financially as much as I can and I will be counting the days for it to arrive in my mailbox!
Keep up the amazing work!
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Cool, i'm sure we'll enjoy an learn a lot a lot with such a book!
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I'm totally backing you up if you decide to start a crowdfunded project, dude! Will help spread the news too!
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The Facebook link is dead.
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No dice, just the facebook header and footer - nothing else.
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Thanks. I have checked it and it works.... I don't know
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That book is looking really sweet! That "crowdfunding" stuff, like kickstarter etc, seems really hit or miss. You'll have to spend almost every day spreading the the word and talking to your backers to see your goal met. That was my experience anyway. Good luck dude! I know I want to buy that book.
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AH! I'm loving this style! I think It has a lot of potential! DO IT!!!!
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Congratulations !! Good luck, Brosa (;
This style, and arts.... It´s very ORIGINAL, I want this book !!! DD:
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even if it takes a lot of shipping price ill totally buy it.. so in love with your art =x !of course its a good idea, im supporting you all the way~
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I'm looking for good shipping prizes. I think it wont be no more than 10$. I think it's not expensive :)
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ah yes that's not expensive, i'm so looking forward to it!
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I will buy it!
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thanks a lot :)
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