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Old work / Rune soul demon 2

Hi Guys;

So, this characters are part of a project I was art directing some time ago with Fathom Interactive. I had a lot of fun working on them. I totally think some of them could fit well in companies like RIOT, etc. As you can see, I like combining color palettes :)

For some time I thought I would only be useful to draw postapo stuff, so, having the choice to work on this fantasy game opened my mind. At the beggining it was hard, but I could take it to my comfort area soon. Learning a lot of fantasy stuff and learning how to use it and mix it was totally the best useful thing I learnt during this project.

It was fun, at the beggining characters where beeing no magic, some sort of Lord of the Rings stuff. As the project went on, we got instructions from direction to change them more and more and more, to finally became in something close to RIOT's games. I liked the whole process, liked all the possible directions, and loved working on it. But at the end, my energies went down, when things never stop changing. So I skipped working in the project to follow my own path.

This game was some sort of fighting movile game.

©Fathom Interactive

So, today, I am working in a AAA company ( soon i'll give you details ) and I am running my own patreon to be able to finance my side project, called FURY BEATS. In the PATREON you can find PSD files and Video process of my characters. You can also find them on GUMROAD







Fury Beats  - Delivery Wild Squad lineup by Brosa Fury Beats - Trebble Slash [ SLASH SISTERS ] by Brosa FURY BEATS - Lily Slash + Video Process by Brosa FURY BEATS - Igor + Video by Brosa FURY BEATS - Beats by Brosa Trebble Slash - Video Process. FURY BEATS by Brosa 
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I really like how you put up all the different colour displays! It really shows the development process through the character, Love the design overall! Though I gotta say these colours are my favourite~
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thanks a lot
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I prefer this one ! Bravo !
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Thank you! yeah, the fact of letting choose the player wich one he prefers :D
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Is it a system in which the player chooses the color he wants (fully customizable) or is it just few choices ?
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this is amazing. best oriental inspired design I've seen in a good while!
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Thanks a lot!
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I love it! Amazing job!!! :D
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thank you so much
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I really like this design. Excellent work.
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The project sounds cool, nice to see the development on the character :) 
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thanks a lot
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