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Fury Beats - Trebble Slash [ SLASH SISTERS ]

Hello guys!

Trebble Slash!
I hope you are enjoying my Fury Beats project. This is gonna be a videogame if I am lucky, so let's cross fingers. If you want to know more about the game, and want to be part of this by supporting me , visit my PATREON







FURY BEATS - Slash Sisters by Brosa FURY BEATS - Lily Slash + Video Process by Brosa FURY BEATS - Igor + Video by Brosa FURY BEATS - Beats by Brosa FURY BEATS - Sophie by Brosa Fury Beats - Lily Slash video links by Brosa 
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Wow!! Awesome Art Style... 
Whimsette's avatar
Whoa, epic art style. You must love the Gorillaz. Not saying your mimicing their style but im sure you can relate.
Mainichi-p's avatar
Dude i thought so to,it looks like some gorillaz aesthetic. It reminds me of them yet with their own twist and turns which makes it completely different. I love it.
Whimsette's avatar
Awesome! Look amazing!!
Mainichi-p's avatar
Their art is amazing!
kmink's avatar
Very cool concept! Weird and fun. And I keep staring at those ears..
jellyskink's avatar
there is so much detail here, it is fantastic!
GrumpyGrump's avatar
this is looking good. wish I could help, but I'm a starving artist myself hahaaa. good luck though because this looks like a cool project.
BittersweetWaltz's avatar
I want this dog in my garden
Triggerplug's avatar
This... this is awesome. 
yotaedo's avatar
always love brosa style :D
L-James's avatar
MGRESA's avatar
Dungace's avatar
awesome series dude! ^^
Plugin848y's avatar
RuthDA's avatar
Omg it looks amazing! It's so adorable! Could I hug them? Yuruyuri - Kyaa  
teranen's avatar
so awesome and cool looking art :3
KidiMaster's avatar
freaking amazing!
FKiekens's avatar
Daaaammmn looking need
jackabearus's avatar
MetalSnail's avatar
Awesome stuff!!!
lightbender's avatar
Love your creativity, these characters are awesome in both concept and execution!
Smeekiee's avatar
Crazy good as always
Bato-01's avatar
Mola mucho el diseño, suerte con el videojuego!
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