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Fury Beats - Delivery Wild Squad lineup

Hi Guys!

Ok, this is the first lineup of characters for the Game. DeliveryWild Squad. Delivery guys who are running in the illegal race league of the unvierse FURY BEATS! You have the description of the project in Patreon :)

From left to right: Igor, Tea Wrecks , Lily SLash, Trebble Slash and Daisy Slash

So, if you like the game project, you can support the concept art I am doing for it in PATREON







Fury Beats - Trebble Slash [ SLASH SISTERS ] by Brosa Daisy Slash - Video Process. FURY BEATS by Brosa Fury Beats - Lily Slash video links by Brosa Fury Beats - igor + Video reminder by Brosa FURY BEATS - Lily Slash + Video Process by Brosa FURY BEATS - Igor + Video by Brosa  
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For once some post apocalyptic art with colours ! Most of the time everything is grey or brown but each character has their own vivid palette, really interesting. I'm curious as to what was asked of you to create these characters.
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What is this, the band of hipster terrorists?
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M'encanta, colega!
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WOW  the amount of life in these characters has given me goose bumps!
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Oh man.. what's your color pallete secret. Damn your work is sooo cool. Every piece of yours just blows my mind. Wheah. 
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These are epic man!
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Wow, I like those apo-punk-furry things. Nice touch. I love your style dude! 
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Your art is absolutely amazing. You somehow use bright colours but make them blend so well with the darker tone. Great job!
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wow it's so great
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Your art. Design. You is awesome ;u;
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Your work is awesome and very individual. I really like the style, the details and especially your choice of colours. Damn, that's so cool!
Is it allowed to use your images for (non-commercial!) website layouts?
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Great Style. I have visited the web of the videogame... and why dont you use cell shading? I think it would like gorgeus, more than in reallistic 3D...
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Using cell shading is an option. It is more expensive and dificult to get a good result. If you don't get the best result using cell shading ( Guilty Gear Xrd style ) the result can look, in my opinion, a little bit low cost. Using traditional 3d is something that, beeing less expensive, the result can look pretty well, and we are not multi millionare ( you know, to make a good game you need millions of USD. But, we are managing different options. So, the cell shading idea is an option too, yes.
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That's one awesome line up my man! U are a most inspiring guy when it comes to cool characters! :D
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haha thanks a lot buddie!
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I like your artsyle. Sugoi af
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