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BTV STRIP - Stwong Bayd

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I absolutely do not like Strong Bad. He used to be funny. Now he's just an annoying secondary character that has taken up over 80% of the Homestarrunner site. I thought the site was about Homestar, but nope, it's apparently about Strong Bad. So I took out my frustration on this. It has some blood in it so I didn't really know if it was 'mature content' or not. If it does, I'd be glad to edit this and click the button that gives a mature content warning.
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im going to have nightmares now. you took my favorite cartoon and turned it into somthing very frightning..
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Homestar pronounces his "L"'s normally. I agree, I still like the site though. :D
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I don't agree with your opinion on Strong Bad, but the comic was funny either way.
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Micro22 Interface Designer
This was teh coolyoest thing ever. I've never seen Homestar spoofs like that.
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I hate Strong Bad too, I live for the day they make a toon without ANY apperences or refences of him at all. Cool Tapes came close, but they had to ruin with the easter egg. I guess I could have not watched it, but It would still have been there.

Anyway, I hate how you drew Strong Bad, but that's probobly a good thing. Homestar is awsome; stupid and unable to speak properly, but so delisiously EVVVVVVIL! I also like how you drew him, I like how you draw these ugly demented characters in general. Loving the new style. Fix Brook's outlines and it'll be a winner.
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Is the reason you hate the way I drew strong bad because the colors were not accurate? Or is it just his head's position? Thanks for the critique, by the way.
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Well I think I hated his gold head thing, but it really doesn't matter in this instance. It actually made me like the comic more.
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Strong Bad is suffering from a case of Fonzie syndrome (look it up in Vikipedia).
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Heh, read the article. You basically hit it right on the head there.
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You drew H*R all cute <3
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I find Strongbad E-mails to be funny, but you make a very good point, it takes away attention from the main character, and that is Homestarrunner!
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Thanks for your comment, Biospark. That's exactly what I was trying to say with that comic.
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SbboardStudent Artist
LOL. Tis relates to your post on PMS. This should get an award of some kind.
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XD thanks man!
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