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Balaur Bondoc Riley edition

Balaur Bondoc but with a Riley theme :)
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He looks really cool in a realistic design. Great job. :D
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WOW,nice Balaur! I love the way it turned out!
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why thank you! lol have you thought of doing a balaur as well?
BrooksLeibee's avatar
cant wait to see it!
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This guy is very well drawn but I feel I should point out that the extra sickle claw on a Balaur's foot was formed by the hallux (the innermost toe), so Balaur still had the same number of digits on its feet as other dromaeosaur species. It also likely had a full coat of feathers.
BrooksLeibee's avatar
I agree fully, and I have heard about the hallux thing. This is mainly based on my OC Riley.
Kazanlak10's avatar
Ah I see, didn't catch that you were basing it on a OC design. As far as the feet go, don't worry you aren't the first to accidentily give Balaur extra toes.
HellraptorStudios's avatar
cool, i gonna do this guy one day to.
BrooksLeibee's avatar
cool, thanks ^ ^
Transapient's avatar
For a second, I thought it was Riely. Wait, it is sort-of isn't it? Still good as always.

"Well excuse me for having enormous flaws that I don't work on!"--Homer Simpson
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It is riley XD but in the realist overskin style.
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Yeah, one of the Best Balaur Bondoc Pictures on DEVIANTART :D
BrooksLeibee's avatar
vhell thank you!
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