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I was an Ash-Hole

I love Ash okay? He was awesome.
Marceline is kind of a brat, so it was nice to see her meet someone that isn't scared of her. I mean, he shouldn't have sold her bear though...
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No offence but Marceline is better off with Finn
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No offense but Finn is 14 and better off with someone his age
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I love me some Marcey/Ash ;P
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Nice art. i know you get a lot of hate, but ill respect your view:)
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I think everyone is a brat
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''wishes'' dont matter it the drawing nd its very good drawn! good work with that
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Yeah, i kinda like Ash too actually. I mean, even if he was/is a jerk, he could be an awesome ark to the story! X3 Imagine if he met PB or something. O_o Anyways, this is super cute too, totally math yo! : D
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Marcy isn't a brat.. And I know that you like Ash. But I'm not sure about Marcy getting back with Ash again.. Ash sold Hambo that is really important to her and the only remembrance of Simon(Ice King) to her..

((After wathching "I remember you" episode of AT. I know understand the word Marcy say to Ash "That was my favorite thing in the whole world" :3))
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If he did this in the show I might forgive him but considering I have a stuff toy from my childhood that means a lot to me because it was the last thing my grand mother gave me before passing away I can relate to Marceline especially if someone was an ass and gave it away or sold it how Marceline got Hambo is sort of like my toy only instead of my grandmother forgetting me she past away
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Yeah, there is no way in hell Ash would do this. He's just plain evil.
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Ouch, right in the OTP
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dont worry i love ash too but marcy isnt a brat
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I don't know about this.
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I suspect that Ash was an abusive boyfriend. For Marceline to call him a 'psycho jerk' (which I doubt was just for selling her bear) there must have been something going on behind the scenes. I mean, look how detached she is during that scene.
So as heartwarming as this scene is, I will never think of Ash as anything less than an ash-hole.
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Hahaha I was thinking the same pun. Ash-hole. lol
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aww cute :3
Marceline: "Oh ash..."
Ash: "now that you have your hambo, You need to get back in the kitchen and make me dinner.
I want a Turkey sandwich with tomato. Also Pickles.”
sorry I could not avoid it xD
PS: sorry if my English is bad xP
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