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BB8 and Mini Death Star Amigurumi par FROGandTOAD by FROG-and-TOAD

This week I had a chance to interview Allison (Frog) from Frog-and-TOAD. She's the crafting half of this DeviantArt team, who recently received a DD for her amigurumi. Here's what she had to share with us.

:iconbrookette: Tell us a little about FROG-and-TOAD.

:iconfrog-and-toad:  FROG and TOAD is actually a collaboration between myself and my partner ( TOAD ). It's true we have very different creative skills but this works for us most of the time, it's like having your biggest fan and critic sat together on the desk next to you. As you've noticed I'm the crocheter in the duo and my ultimate goal is to teach others the art of Amigurumi in a clean, colourful and fun way, and going forward to develop ideas that involve children getting involved in the process also. But I can't reveal all my schemes at this point.

Arianne the Fairy - FROGandTOAD by FROG-and-TOAD
Arianne the Fairy,
a child's drawing turned into amigurumi

:iconbrookette: How long have you been making amigurumi?

:iconfrog-and-toad:  I started Amigurumi about 4 years ago shortly after we moved to France. I had made a few crochet garments for our son before hand, which I learned from my Mamie ( Grandma ) when I was little. One day I saw a crochet frog ( I am obsessed with frogs ) whilst browsing the internet and decided to try one myself. I didn't know there were patterns to find back then and after managing to create my first Amigurumi I became hooked ( pun intended ).

CHARLES La Chenille - FROGandTOAD by FROG-and-TOAD

:iconbrookette: What are your favorite supplies to work with?

:iconfrog-and-toad:  My first weapon of choice is my 3mm Clover hook. I do experiment with others but this is my preffered hook. As for Yarn, I've tried and tested many but when it comes to Amigurumi I use Lang Yarns 'Quattro' now. I find it's extremely durable and they have a wonderful choice of colours. I've been in talks with Lang Yarns recently and I'm eagor to try out their new organic collection in the near future.

:iconbrookette: What keeps you motivated? What inspires you?

:iconfrog-and-toad: The little people in my head. Also I have a small Astro Boy sat on my desk that keeps me focused when I've got to many ideas or projects going on.

:iconbrookette: Which DA artists are inspiring you right now?

:iconfrog-and-toad:  There's so many inspirational artists in this community the list could be endless. I rarely follow someone's complete works, it's more one off pieces of art that inspire me, little experiments people do or unique shapes that trigger an idea, so I'd rather take this opportunity to encourage people to keep on experimenting and try new things. But if I had to choose at this moment in time I would say Fusainne and LittleNespa are people who have helped me to keep going with their kind words and eagorness to keep creating. Also OwlsomeDelights, I love her flower creations.

Snails March, Daily Deviation 23 February 2016

:iconbrookette: What other crafts do you make or have you tried?

:iconfrog-and-toad: I do attempt knitting on occasion but I just don't get along with two needles at once. I enjoy making icing cake decorations but I'm more of a perfectionist with cooking itself, and take great pleasure in cooking for others. Also cubees, cubees are great.

:iconbrookette: Is there something artistic that you haven't tried yet and want to?

:iconfrog-and-toad: Does 'coding' count as artistic? It's completely different but I'm planning on having a go sooner or later. Also silk painting, again I have memories of my Mamie doing it when I was little and I've always wanted to try.

:iconbrookette: What do you like to do when you're not making your amigurumi?

:iconfrog-and-toad: Mostly things we do as a family such as cycling, camping, gardening and watching the rugby. Santa Claus brought me some tennis rackets this Christmas so I've been enjoying that recently. When I'm on my own it's usually with a cat or 5 on my lap and a book.

Leopold the Lion by FROG-and-TOAD  Basic Techniques / Techniques de base FROGandTOAD by FROG-and-TOAD  Calendrier de l'avent montgolfiere by FROG-and-TOAD 

:DALove:  Thanks Allison! It was great getting to know you a little better. We hope to see lots more of you around DA.

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Lovely interview, it was interesting to read more about this awesome artist :clap: