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+Phantom of Pokemon+

I've had the idea in my head for a while, with that idea I also had N as Christine and Touya/Black as Raul. However, I couldn't get a good lineart with the three of them, so maybe another day

This is Kcalb, by the way. I blame :iconblack-and-friends: for this.

"Your voice is so pretty, I'm going to rip it out...."

I forget who made the rose frame and blood brushes. All you have to know is that I didn't

I am answering messages now, I'm being a good girl
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MX320 series
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You just combined my two favorite characters in the whole world :O *faves*
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Ha ha ha~ that's kind of magical :iconimhappyplz: Thanks :hug: !
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You should make one of И. C:
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Of backwards N? Damn that sounds so interesting, but would he be another phantom or someone else ;w; ?
Scourge-and-Ashfur's avatar
I think a phantom I'm not an И expert
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Sounds good to me :dance: ! I might try it once I have some free time!
Scourge-and-Ashfur's avatar
:giggle:Ok I would be interested to see considering how spectacular this one is
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For some reason, you're not the only one :XD:
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delicious kcalb is delicious <3
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Well this is something different OuO <3333 I love this :heart:
His face especially, and all the things in the background go so well =u= <3
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Psssh I'm allowed >w>;

Thank ya darlin :tighthug: ~
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Wow, this is really cool! I love the colours you used here and the glowy eyes really help the image - it's almost piercing. Really good stuff here, Brooke!
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Awwww~ thank you so much :iconbweeplz::glomp: !
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For some reason, I really love this :dummy:

The style is epic *__*
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Looks like Taji has a secret >w>

I'm just kidding :XD: Thank you :tighthug: !
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This looks scary and feels like it has a slight bit of humor in it too! :D
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Ha ha ha~ his face is hilarious I guess :XD:

Thank ya :glomp: !
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