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Sonic Puffified!

well someones gotta do it! xDDDDD i was bored..

ok so heres the story!!!!

"greetings city of townsville, i am doctor Eggman" a very large man said from a weird half moonthingy

"HEY! who do you think you are bringing a robot to this city anyways!!" buttercup shouted as her and bubbles and blossom came flying up

"flying little girls? how hard can this be?" eggman said

buttercup and flying at him eggman flinging her back knocing her out of the sky

"hey! no one does that to my friends! what do you want anyway!" blossom shouted

"im here for the chaos emerald!" he said back to her

"a chaos what!?" bubbles said

blossom and bubbles came flying as buttercup made her way up all three of them struk the ship but they all came tumbling down

"how tough is this guy!" buttercup said

"more like really weak if you ask me!" a blue streak came around the city a fast moving blue streak it sounded like a boy when it destroyed a couple robots he finally showed himself

"DOH! sonic!! you always ruin the fun!" eggman shouted

"well i better clobber these robots" sonic said running at the speed of sound he came across many robots and tipped on off the edge of a building he was tounting them until there where just a pile of rubbish he smacked his hands together

"not again!!" eggman shouted jumping up

"not so fast eggman!" sonic said as he uppercutted eggmans ship sending him flying

"you havent seen the last of eggman!!!" he said as his voice faded onic landed

"hey! you! ya you the blue kid!" who ae you!! stealing our fight!!! buttercup said walking toward him bubbles trying to grab her away

"who me? im just a guy with a need for speed!" sonic said

"i need a name!" buttecup said

"im sonic" he said

"now ive gotta go finish of eggman!" he said getting ready to take off

"wait! who is that guy" blossom saod sonic looked over at her

"hes my arch enime.. tryed to get his hand ont he chaos emeralds every chance he can but me and my friends make sure he doesnt" he said

"well whe'll trust you for now" blossom said as her an her sisters took off

"sonic running faster the other way
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tails and knux and etc coming soon!