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Winter Fairy

... ugh I hate GIF sometimes. Why draw nice backgrounds and glowy things when they'll end up liney and gritty afterwards? D:

*ahem* Anyway, long time no draw! Here's a small festive thingy for IceHoovesAcres. Photoshop CS3, 8 frames.
I'm not sure if the wings and horn are 'normally' part of this mare's design, but you drew them once, enough to tempt me x)
Hope you like it, despite the rough bits, and thanks to LittleKirara for organising this year's Equine Secret Santa.

Gah, this little anim was fun. I really need to get active here again, but this game is a lot of work... can't wait to post some previews ASAP. Currently replacing the early placeholder sketches with proper linearts. It's taking a while. 6 breeds, 2 sexes, 5 growth stages... and I need to add at least one more pure breed (and its 3 hybrids) in order to test some breeding system changes... :noes:
So yeah, I'm not dead at all! Just working constantly on this mostly-solo project haha. Sorry for being late to reply to stuff. ;_;

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this is so amazing! great job!

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absolutely gorgeous! <33
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This one is so beautiful!!
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That's adorable!
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Cool! I didnt know you were in the ess this year!
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This is pure awesomeness!!!
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God your pixels are so gorgeous and to die for, watching your style grow for years has been a gift, and I hope you continue to keep developing more for even longer Bronze, Merry Christmas :heart:
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This is GORGEOUS!!!! *0*
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So pretty! Really love the wingsHeart 
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OMG :faint: I couldn't believe it when I saw this in my inbox! :iconloveitplz: :iconfurryhugplz: When I opened it up and saw my Arwen I started crying, this is so perfect!! :la::happycry: This is exactly how I pictured her new wings but couldn't quite get it onto a deviation, you hit it spot on :nod: The background shaped like a snowflake adds to the whimsical winter feel too :snowflake: :heart:

Thank you, thank you so much! :heart: :iconsqueezeplz: :heart:  Have a Merry Christmas! :xmas: :iconchristmastreeplz: :xmas:
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Sorry for late reply, was away ^^'

Really glad you liked it, hehe! Her design is great fun. Rich red colours and gold swirls and glowy floating things, who can't enjoy those? :giggle: This was satisfying to animate, thank you for the opportunity.

Hope you're having a fabulous day too!
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That's fine, this time of year is always filled with goings-on. 

I was interested in commissioning you for some pixels/icons of my characters but wasn't sure if you preferred a note or a comment on your journal. ^^; If you'd be interested I can shoot a note over :meow:
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Sorry, I'm really busy working on a game project lately. Would love to open comms again, but have no time. A night spent drawing is a night of coding not done, and being alone, that code will never get done by anyone else. :noes: It's stressful lol

I'll keep you in mind for later, though! Thanks for your interest. ^^
o0o-Phoenix-o0o's avatar
Sounds great, hope the game comes along for you :) :heart:
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Wow this is a gorgeous piece! Added to the Valorteen featured folder. <3
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such a smooth animation, it's amazing !
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So beautiful and unique design! Love the colors
ChameleonStarspirit's avatar
I love it! The background is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the shape that it is in. It doesn't look liney and gritty at all to me! :D
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still something I couldn't do!
Clap  La la la la  Hug :happybounce: 
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Beautiful work! :D
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This is so beautiful! :love:
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