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Voxel Eshan

By BronzeHalo
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:faint: well um... that took a while...

Commission for Shadow-Guardian0. I liked this dragon's shape, so tried 3D instead of 2D "pixel art".
It's a bit wonky, and there wasn't enough space for the black stripes. Hope you still like it though.

Eshan by Shadow-Guardian0

I might do voxels as commissions next year. Prices might be high (£20+) but would anyone be interested?
Also for the next week I'll probably be baked off my tits on painkillers, so won't be around much. Bye for a while ^^
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Horses4life-OviPetsStudent Artist
WOW Amazing! Like 3D! 
Inghelene's avatar
IngheleneHobbyist Digital Artist
Woah, this is amazing! o.o
starluson's avatar
starlusonHobbyist General Artist
О Боже, я ловлю сейчас такой кайф
Iovena's avatar
IovenaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow... this is so amazing.
CopyCat87's avatar
CopyCat87Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are so gorgeous! And I so get the urge to wanna build these in Minecraft XD
Niksche's avatar
NikscheHobbyist Writer
All I want to do now it to try to reproduce this 3-D image in Legos.... Your detail is fantastic. Well worth the long hours you put into this.
LeenaHill's avatar
LeenaHillHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool! Merry Christmas!! :santa:
Koreonn's avatar
KoreonnStudent Digital Artist
Oh god, this is super cool!!
cloudandbird's avatar
At first I thought you built this in Minecraft xD It's super awesome!!!
RichardsonSquared's avatar
RichardsonSquaredHobbyist General Artist
It was built in MC. Using the Voxel sniper plugin
cloudandbird's avatar
Wow! I'll have to look into that!
RichardsonSquared's avatar
RichardsonSquaredHobbyist General Artist
Yea its really helpful. I havent messed with it much. But Ive seen FyreUK use it alot
Janscyther's avatar
JanscytherHobbyist Digital Artist
What program do you use?
BlackShadow6202's avatar
BlackShadow6202Hobbyist General Artist
this is cool. :0
TrixyNetex's avatar
TrixyNetexHobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy crap that's amazing! :D
ShaydeyChece's avatar
ShaydeyCheceHobbyist Digital Artist
It's beautiful :o
Kikyuu's avatar
KikyuuHobbyist Digital Artist
I just learned what voxels are. I actually thought hey might be a new thing, since I've been on the internet for 14 years now and used to know lots of people super into spriting (for Pokemon sites). But nope, they've been around for awhile...

This is super, super nifty.
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ShadowHuskeyHobbyist Interface Designer
what program did you use to make the 3d model?
ShadowHuskey's avatar
ShadowHuskeyHobbyist Interface Designer
thats wicked
Ichoal's avatar
IchoalHobbyist Writer
This is amazing! And adorable :o
uladat's avatar
uladatHobbyist General Artist
;-; this is so amazing holy wow.
DreamCrystalArt's avatar
DreamCrystalArtHobbyist General Artist
These look cool, I wonder how well it would 3D print
its-just-business's avatar
its-just-businessStudent General Artist
this is like the coolest thing i've ever seen
JadeRavenwing's avatar
JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist
Holy crap. This is amazing.
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