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February 6, 2011
Spyro the Dragon by *BronzeHalo The suggester says, "The Flying Dragon shows this artist's amazing ability to fluidly animate pixel art. The whole gallery features stunning creations such as this one, so it's well worth a browse."
Featured by WDWParksGal
Suggested by ClefairyKid
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Spyro the Dragon

It's the original Spyro. I dun liek the "new" one. D: So DO NOT point out how he looks different, or ask me to animate Cynder or any other "new" stuff. I'm leaving that well alone.

Um, yeah. He's flying. Whoop-de-doo. Most of this was done a month ago, before the December crazy rush. Just woke up insanely early today and thought I'd finish and upload it.

(this version of) Spyro (c) Insomniac. Dunno who owns him now...?
Animation by me, do not use in any way without my permission.

Holy sh*t a DD? :omg: Whoa, thank you so much!
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© 2011 - 2021 BronzeHalo
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Agonizing-Lachrymose's avatar
My I use this as a pagedoll on your page? I will leave credit and it can link back to you...
DarceyMew's avatar
Can I use this as my avatar? I would appreacite it if you would let me ^_^

this is the best gif I’ve seen in ages! 10/10 indeed! I will say in my profile that it belongs to you, not me, so don’t worry if you say that I can use it as my avatar! Spyro was the best in my childhood! :D
BronzeHalo's avatar
Yep, feel free to. :)
DarceyMew's avatar
It says it’s not 50/50, guess I can’t use it :/
DarceyMew's avatar
Santa-Kruz's avatar
I've met Spyro's voice actor, Tom Kenny before.
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Great dragon style.
howowlish's avatar
i lovvvvvvvvvvvve spyro. and pretty much all your work. but spyro. :D
skygalaxydark's avatar
wow its so awesome,in this style you made him:) (Smile) ,can i use it on my stamps?
Lavenderdadragon14's avatar
This is awesome! Can these be used as pagedolls?
Argoniandrake27's avatar
I like both Spyros but I don't like the skylanders
Schattenschimmer's avatar
aww cute :D  sorry if i ask this but what tool do you use for the pixel art? ^^
XxTheReptileGirlxX's avatar
Ahh! I love this! The animation is so wonderfully fluid! <3
WhocraftPlays's avatar
Love Love i fricken love Spyro!!!
SilvybOOm's avatar
Hey, I hope you don't mind if I put this under my profile with all my other stamps. =P (Razz)  Cos' this is really cool! owo
Can I feature it plz? :3 
BronzeHalo's avatar
Yes, feel free. :)
SilvybOOm's avatar
Cheers mate! ^^
Doga123's avatar
im so jelious i love ittttt
ro3se's avatar
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