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Dunno. Started as a little test thingy last night. :shrug:
Lazy cop-out attempt at the aurora. Don't like it very much. Yay wonky snow
Interpret the scene as you like...

Animation's mine. Photoshop CS3, 18 frames.
No, do not use this anywhere! /not amused by thieves lately -.-
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So evocative. You can almost feel the cold. Can I bring the horse indoors now, please, it looks so cold ^_^
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Drool revamp That aurora borealis.... It looks like a clip from the awesomest anime ever. (Actually, all of your horse animations look like they should be in something epic.)

Happy birthday! Donce with me my friend! 
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only one word I can think of to describe this
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So beautiful.  Nice work.
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Doy uo think I could use this as my avatar? I wold give you credit of corse. 
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This is some really great animation! Meow :3 
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Oh!! This is amazing! c;
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ijcndijnkdckjn. Beautiful muscle structure on the horse and how you got the mane to look realistic as if it really was blowing. Fabulous;o <3la in love 
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Its beautiful! :')
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:happybounce: This is so cool!
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wow this song sounds good with it (By just watching it as it plays ) [link]
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im kinda in love with these animations of yours. do you commission them?
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Beautifully done! :)
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j'adore les aurores boréales et la neige mais par dessus tout le cheval noire !!!
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OMG!!! this is so awesome!!! i don't even know... it's just magical! :)
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