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Isometric Gryphon

Commission for online game BeastEon (dev blog).
It's a greyscale base. The developers will add lots of colours/markings later.
I just drew these colours as an example. The kestrel-like design is from BeastKeeper, the original game.

Really challenging, as I don't normally do isometric stuff. Used a 3D model again, to help with perspective.
The sprites will only be 64x64 or something tiny like that, in the game. So I didn't go super crazy with details.
Still tried very hard to do realistic and smooth movements.
And of course consistency, ahhh.
I'm not happy with the lower-diagonal one. The movement is... off. The legs aren't timed right. :shrug:
The wings are all a bit different, too. But I already re-drew every part a million times; no time to get it all perfect.

Oh well, it was a good try. We'll probably use full 3D models from now on, as drawing sprites takes too long.
So that's another big thing for me to keep learning.

Also made a series of idle movements.

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Amazing work. I have stared at all of those for the past 5 minutes, studying all the movements. Great work!
lbartsBTBP's avatar
Wow,those very Nice griffis....i mean creatures..idk if that's really griffis or not in Reality.Also it looks like you're really good in making animation.
DragonInfernoArt's avatar
That's how stunning 10 frames from the movie animation :)
WolfHeartMedia's avatar
what program do you use to animate?
BronzeHalo's avatar
Photoshop CS3. ^^
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Kitty1Cat2's avatar
Very nice animations!  
The the wing design! 
CraftySkyWolf1018's avatar
Nice. You can make a video game with this...
MajesticHearts's avatar
You could start your own game with this.. DO IT!
Super526's avatar
hopin like a bunny :I
Quin-Arts's avatar
This is amazing, this took me a while to type my stupid tablet wants me to type slow or the words will jumble together T_T 
thegroon's avatar
That's pretty detailed though. This is incredible!
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Oh my goodness, how?! :faint:
GiraffeSalad's avatar
amazingly done :3
Ehnala's avatar
Wonderful **
AnneBird's avatar
:iconshoobaqueen: look at this is be fab
KutkuMegsan's avatar
This is absolutely incredible! I just LOVE it!
LeenaHill's avatar
Wow, that is totally amazing!
Sypro123a's avatar
Very Beautiful!
Quill-Works's avatar
Simply incredible ...
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