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Isometric Gryphon



Commission for online game BeastEon (dev blog).
It's a greyscale base. The developers will add lots of colours/markings later.
I just drew these colours as an example. The kestrel-like design is from BeastKeeper, the original game.

Really challenging, as I don't normally do isometric stuff. Used a 3D model again, to help with perspective.
The sprites will only be 64x64 or something tiny like that, in the game. So I didn't go super crazy with details.
Still tried very hard to do realistic and smooth movements.
And of course consistency, ahhh.
I'm not happy with the lower-diagonal one. The movement is... off. The legs aren't timed right. :shrug:
The wings are all a bit different, too. But I already re-drew every part a million times; no time to get it all perfect.

Oh well, it was a good try. We'll probably use full 3D models from now on, as drawing sprites takes too long.
So that's another big thing for me to keep learning.

Also made a series of idle movements.

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Gryphon turntable! Again, Phantom's creator see Leech Wings and Tail Flukes gryphons! This didn't used to be so!