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Free dragon poses

Simple base sketch things. A generic "dragon body", add your own details and proper lineart.
These were based on a 3D model for another project. I thought it'd be cool to share some interesting poses.
Do whatever you like, have fun, but it would be polite if you credit me for the original sketch.

PSD version (freshly reuploaded because DA randomly deleted the first one o.O)

More resources

Update: Free pegasus poses are also here! More creatures on the way later...

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ur a life saver XD

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Am I allowed to use these as references for poses in just normal dragon drawings and my open species?

These are a lot of fun

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These are super cool!!

psychosnake02's avatar

Mind if I use them for discord emojis and maybe telegram stickers? I'll add your signature as I always do if I use a base that has no signature

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I made some poses for a 2D Graphical chat. -Pneuma on Chat. Thank you!

MintKiity's avatar

Am I able to use this for a comic? I will credit you (and others if I use other bases) If Im allowed!

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¿Se puede usar en adoptables?.

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Yup, another dude ask the same question about two years ago :) :

TYSM! ^^

Used Here:

th ahn536BBWUdxBfbpT6oD55DrDE4euw7DCZmPeB28l6WrYR6
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Used here!

For Ember

Thank you so much, I hope you don't mind! I was so lost on pose ideas, this post really helped :D

hangryhyena's avatar

These are awesome! THANK YOU! I've been struggling with dragon anatomy ^-^;

Frostbee's avatar

Not Only Are These Amazing, But They’re So Helpful!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Help me. My phone can't open psd file ;( (i have a zip app.)
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This helps so much! I’m not the best at dragon poses, so thank you!

LilytheLeafwing's avatar


I am definitely a dragon lover but I absolutely fail at any form of anatomy that isnt a headshot or something where i dont have to draw a body and legs, so these are going to be EXTREMELY useful for my and there are so. many. how did you even manage to sketch that many. basically just THANK YOU :)

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seriously thank you for sharing these sketches!! you're such an amazing artist 🥺💕💕

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« The page you wanted doesn’t exist » :/

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Thank you so much for making these! I wanted to practice more feral dragon work and I believe this will help me a lot!

Starlightglimmer-Art's avatar

Used to a base :>

Dragon base

And i credited too duh :>

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Oh so cool :) I may use it sometime. Thx :D
SaffronIceRainWing's avatar

I used it for a piece of owed art, thanks :3

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It says that the stash ain't found

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These are wonderfully cute! 
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