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Little painty practice from last night. This is a character who's been sitting around for ages, I'm not sure if I should keep her and tell her story (might make a nice comic?), or sell the design for someone else to play with...

It's something about a tribe whose members collect tokens from dead animals and have the ability to temporarily "revive" them, like spirits, to use in self-defence. For some it's horns and antlers to summon a horde of deer and bulls. Others collect claws and teeth of deadly predators, and in this lady's case, she likes feathers. The tribe members have extensively travelled and traded for centuries, so they have huge exotic collections from many realms. Though in recent years, other groups have suddenly started persecuting them, condemning their ability as dangerous, and most members have been captured or fled. She's one of the latter.

When she's out walking she likes to release a few small birds to fly along and sing. If something startles her she might send out some hawks, and if she's in genuine danger she'll shake out all the feathers from her hair/costume and the entire flock will explode outwards and surround her, like a dyson sphere of swirling birds. You wouldn't want to attack that, would you?

Story kicks in when she's one of only a handful of "summoners" left, and they suspect that most of the tribe's treasures and members were taken - alive - for a more powerful authority to study and/or make use of their ability...

So I guess it's one of those "few rebels versus empire" types of stories. Got ideas for all the characters and plot, and I like it so far, but am not interested enough to complete it alone. Too much work when I've already got other charas and comic stories to work on. :shrug:

Perhaps this could be a collaborative effort with other writers/artists?

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ShadowAura-I's avatar
she is gorgeous, I love the colours! <33
Christina-UK's avatar
Unusual idea which is why I like it  Facebook like bullet 
WinterBeasts's avatar
I absolutely adore your work. All of its stunning.
Abwettar's avatar
The mix of colours in this piece are beautiful <3
ErisAeternus's avatar
I'm intrigued! Definitely would be interested in whatever else you decide to produce with this idea.
lady-croi-tine-dubh's avatar
I'd keep it. I's great. Kudos to you
IcefireStarfire's avatar
I love this pony and I love the concept! ;o;
Caninelion's avatar
I love the story idea and the abilities! And as usual your art is gorgeous!  
Kaybutts's avatar
Oh wow, I love that concept, it sounds super cool! And this girl is lovely, so sweet and colorful <3 ;u;
Ride4Life-Stables's avatar
Oh my goodness. I live her!! I want her!!!(keep her)
avicuiae's avatar
(keep her omg i'd love this concept to stay with you ;; )
SilverShadow17464's avatar
You know, even though I am more of a sharp edges person, the soft look you have works really well with the style! <3
TheMs0kitty's avatar
That is literally such a cool idea; I love it! :'D
Mintnadt's avatar
keep her, this is a cool story and I love her colourfull feathers. I'm just not sure about the small birds
PoisonSoldat's avatar
I absolutely love the idea of the tribe and plot ;o I hope to see more of this one!
viviwonda's avatar
I´d love to adopt her, she´s such a beautiful girl OMG :heart:
and a story with her would be cool too, nice idea for a project :la: the idea with the 'summoners' is awesome! <3
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