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Bit of practice

Been a while since I did a random animation-for-the-hell-of it.
Here's a double-jumping pegasus. I thought it would be a more interesting movement than just running.

This is kinda rough and boring (needs better colours, or shading) but I don't have more time for it now...
Photoshop, 46 frames.

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Though boring, It's still super smooth.
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Bronzehalo I love your GIFS so much!!! Heart :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) +fav 
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Do you mind if I edit this (colorwise) but give you credit for the base? 
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relally good at animating horses i love it
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This is only 46 frames?! How do xD When I do animations, it always ends up like 100+.
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I dont care if its rough. I could continue watching it for hours.
it's like every loop you just don't expect the wings to flap it up. I love it every time.
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Awww I could so imagine this in a game :la:
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My only critique is that he (or she idk) doesn't bend their legs enough before they jump so it kind of looks like they just float up. Other than that though, its really beautiful. I especially like you you did the lineart.
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Ur art is just too amazing
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This is beautiful :love:
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Really lovely movements!!! Looks so fluent =D
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Very nice animation. 
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Love it, especially like how he lifts again once he jumps and the wings come down. It'd be neat to see him properly take off after that vs. coming down again immediately. Perhaps show him leaping over a large cliff/gap and then landing on the other side.  My one suggestion is that the wings look very flat / round in a weird way at first, until the come down for the flap and you draw some contour along the inner edge. I get you're trying to avoid drawing feathers but if you did that contour line at the top like it is visible when they're coming down I think it'd help give them much more definition without making you have to draw feathers.

Either way though this is awesome.
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Very nice animation! 

Would it be any trouble to you though, if I use this as a reference in the future? I will provide credit! 
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Wow, I really want one of these done for my boy, Bandit. If you're open for commissions, definitely let me know <3
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Wow, that's incredible!!! :D
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this is amazing! OMG!
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Still gorgeous. :)
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