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Just a quick gift for TheDarkDesert for helping me figure out some improved genetic stuff for my game.
This is their character Artume. Bit rough, and sorry it's so late! But I hope ya like it. :)

Totally unrelated, but yaay, I got a lil Devious Dreams grant! To start learning about sculpture and ceramics. :heart: I was always reluctant to start this hobby, due to costs of materials and not knowing where to start. If I can just make some cute little chicken and horsey tiles to sell for charity, that'll be nice. We'll see what else happens...

Also just found this tool which is amazing and halp, can't stop drawing animal patterns on it. xD Probably a liiiitle too difficult to carve, but they still make nice linearts or emblems. I've drawn a dozen fancy linearts now, will share later.

(for those waiting for the game - sorry! These changes do mean a lot of code and art being redone - no longer using Imagick to dynamically colour/texture body parts and output whole coats, but instead loading premade pieces and layering them on top of each other. I should've been doing that from the start! But I didn't know CSS opacity and TinyPNG were things, or how to achieve wide ranges of shades/textures in creative ways, back then. Imagick was magical and easy at first, but turns out to be too slow and server-intensive. >.<  The joys of learning-on-the-job, eh?)
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I liek the zekrom sprite you haet

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They're like the Esrohs of Horse Isle 2. :)

I am in love with the composition of this amazing piece! You have some serious talent!

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Awesome work. How's things going?
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That is so beautiful! Love the sky
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Wow! I love it! You have captured Artume perfectly! You've really done her justice. I love the way you incorporated her into a galaxy. She's truly a celestial equine! Thank you so very much. <3 <3 <3
I'm glad I was able to help out with your game genetics. I can't wait to see how it goes. <3

(My apologies for not responding before now - I've been away and only just logged in to see this.)
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Beautiful! I love the colors! I also love horses, so this really caught my eye ;D
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Scam spam alert
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The colors are absolutely gorgeous:heart:
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Scam spam alert
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Super beautiful! :D
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This is absolutely beautiful! 
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Love the colors! The starry sky in the bottom half is gorgeous!
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I like this one it's pretty.  Congrats on you grant.
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This is so amazing! And also; Congratulations on you Grant! I hope you will learn a lot and have fun! <3
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"Bit rough", ha!
My friend, this is beautiful
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Whoa this is stunning! The textures are so spot on!
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Your use of colour is absolutely stunning! This is amazing!
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