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A pair of wings

Quick scribble from last night. I'm pleased with the design but this is messy. Should try it again later.

Also, I just accidentally deleted about a trillion messages. D: Heaps of llamas, comments, devs etc. So sorry!
Oh the joys of super slow, laggy internet... if there was anything urgent feel free to poke me again.

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Jai pas de mot omg
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That is so awesome
Bleskobleska-Yandere's avatar
I love this style of drawing :33
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Wow! I honestly really like the "messy" style. It's an art on its own

Could you do a speedpaint video once? That would be so cool. I got FireAlpaca and I am honestly at a complete loss how to use it. Yes, I tried browsing the Internet. No, the Internet is not helpful.
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Thanks. I would really love to record some videos (it would be so useful for 3D model/anim tutorials too), but my computer is ancient and crashes often, and it would be annoying to keep losing footage. Or at least be at constant risk of it. >.< Gonna wait until I find a newer comp.
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Yeah old computers are not very good often for that kind of thing

Back to Alpaca alchemy I go XD
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That's such an awesome design!
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oh my god. The colours.... <3 Heck yeah <3
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This is so pretty!
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This is beautiful
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