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A bit about me, for anyone who's curious.

- Love all animals. My favourites are equines and birds.
My life-dream is to set up an animal sanctuary. <3
At the moment I just have a flock of pet chickens.
- I have no art education or qualifications. Self-taught all the way!
- Not aiming to be a professional artist. It's just a fun hobby.
- I also mess around with CSS, Javascript and lately learning PHP. Would be cool to make some 3D minigames with Three.js one day. Spyro-y platformers, or showjumping with little horse models...

Update, Jan 2018 - Now developing a browser game! It's a genetic breeding simulation, with griffins. Griffons. Whatever they should be called. Anyway, imagine a weird mix of Flight Rising, Howrse, Dragon Cave and some retro RPG games.

Update again, March 2019 - Hoooly crap this game has turned into a huge project. Yup, still working on it daily. Now there are dozens of breeds of griffins, dragons and fantasy equines. Whyyyy did I ever start this...?

- Commission Info -
Note that I'm currently working on a new art style, and haven't yet decided on prices for it, so that journal is a little outdated. Warning: a lot more random experiment-y paintings are imminent!

Squishie Mezariou by Sandy--Apples

By the way, I'm looking to collect (commission) some more lil' icons and cute mini-arts of this character. Message me with your Points price if interested. ^^

Let's talk about FREE STUFF


I rely on a lot of free and open-source software, due to being poor, or maybe just spending too much money on chicken treats. Here are some that I personally recommend (software, not chicken treats, although you're welcome to ask about those too).

- FireAlpaca for digital sketching and painting.
Other free options include GIMP, Krita, MediBang, Paint.Net, OpenCanvas 1.1. There's also Paint Tool SAI free trial for 30 days. If you can't afford Photoshop or other expensive software, try one of these.

- Spriter for making 2D rigged animations.
It runs extremely slow for me. But it basically works, if you can't afford Spine or Flash.

- for editing animated GIFs.
I use Photoshop CS3 for all my animations, but this tool can be useful for others.

- Sculptris for 3D modelling and texturing.
- Blender for 3D animation and scenery.
You can actually do the whole process in Blender, but Sculptris is much easier for a beginner to use, to model and paint a creature. You can even try low-poly stuff with it.

- L3DT for generating 2D and 3D terrain maps.
I used this to make the animation "Dimensional Flight". Wireframe mountains are so cool! But you can keep them normally textured, of course, and also output nice looping/tiled images to use in all sorts of ways.

- Terragen Classic for generating 3D maps.
It's simple, lacks a lot of features and I find it a bit naff (L3DT is far superior), but maybe you could find it useful somehow.

I also like to make free arty stuff for others! :la:

Gallery folder: Resources

Free pixel avatars, linearts, bases, pose-sketches, animation-sketches... I'm always open to suggestions for more.


Payment widget
Please ignore this empty box. ;)

It's for people to send points for finished commissions. The price will be adjusted for each case.

Tiny Requests

Mon Dec 24, 2018, 11:05 AM
Sooo... been away for 99% of the year. Can't believe I only submitted one deviation. And missed the Equine Secret Santa too. Shameful! At least in 2019 I can start uploading lots of creature bases, items, backgrounds etc for the game (I started drawing the final bases recently). Right now it's still code-code-code and mostly placeholder scribbles, and some amusing stock photos for NPCs. Your eyes will be happier not seeing them...

Let's try to make up for it with a bit of last-minute fun. Throw a character at me and you may get a little thingy. Such as...

Zari by BronzeHalo Orestes by BronzeHalo  Rasuar by BronzeHalo Kratos by BronzeHalo  Boucle by BronzeHalo

Last time I did a bunch of cheap scribble-commissions, half of them weren't paid for. They must be really shite... :XD:  So these are free. You're welcome to do a lil scribble in return! I honestly prefer receiving crappy art to fancy detailed art, it's funnier and has more personality from the artist. Can't be arsed to draw a ref sheet, but dude has a lot of art here:

My internet keeps cutting off and you know how my computer loves freezing all the time. So please don't be offended if I suddenly vanish. I'd like to try and do a bunch of these, even if spread out over the next week or more.

Full list here

Other things...

For anyone interested in the game: I've made a coat generator demo you can play with. Choose from over a dozen breeds, 5 growth stages, 12 pigment-changing mutations, lotsa paint markings, and uh I forgot how many colours there are. 150 or sth. You can also randomise any parts, in natural colours or the full spectrum, if that's your thing. :la:
Alas, still on a limited webhost. If too many users visit at once, it starts screaming and crapping itself. So feel free to send me a note if you want a private link! Even before full markings are added, I'd love to see what beauties you can come up with.

For the layout, it turns out my CSS skills aren't as good as I thought. Responsive design, neatly aligning things, BLOODY FORMS... how do some designers make them so pretty? :XD: So I'm rather tempted to hire someone better-at-this to help make all the pages consistent. Will post details later.


So many requests! It will take a while to get through them. But I will, cause there are so many gorgeous charas. x)

Surprised by how many people are interested in the game. Seems I should post more updates! So here's a lil preview of two breeds...

Draglines by BronzeHalo
Do you recognise this kind of dragon? ;)

Griffline by BronzeHalo
And this is a hybrid between Minoan and peafowl griffin.
It's so refreshing to finally have shading and highlights!
Pandiooon by BronzeHalo
It can get a bit demoralising sometimes, only testing coats on crappy scribbled flat bases... now at least one breed looks semi-decent lol.
Latest tiny sneak-peek.
Colprevscreen by BronzeHalo
Development is actually really fun lately! Lots of puzzles but there's always a solution. :la: And to think I used to look up at coding as 'scary'... oh well, better late than never.


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