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December 9, 2000
You know your site is successful when you have some of the biggest names submit to it. bronze has submitted one of his many wonderful winamp skins. Check it out
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Syndicate 1.2 Original

By bronze
*re-uploaded due to popular request*
This one must be a classic by now. Still I would like to say that this piece sets a little mark in my way. From this one I stepped out from old technique guidelines and I started to build my own.
© 2000 - 2021 bronze
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dtbsz's avatar
2018... still the best winamp skin eva' :) :ahoy:
hyoori's avatar
This is great.
gerdez's avatar
this may well be the BEST ever skin for winamp. i remember it made me start skining. but unfortunatelly, i haven't come any close to you and fli7e.
dtbsz's avatar
true.... THE SKIN :) don't be so hard on yerself gerdy....
dtbsz's avatar
this is THE ONE
TwistingMyArm's avatar
Still one of my favourite skins ever. :nod:
bronze's avatar
Thank you so much! your old schoolness is proved!
justanotherfool's avatar
mmm.. my new winamp skin. No doubt. Smooth work.
bronze's avatar
Thank you very much!
Enjoy & have a sweet day.
ziphax's avatar
gotta download this too :D
nullfactor's avatar
Classics never die. :)
southwind's avatar
I think I prefer the updated version but I have to agree - this is among the classic Winamp2 skins. Nice work!
kriptoner's avatar
ah yes, definitly a classic. I was browsing da to comment it 'cause I'm using it now :]
neuroglider's avatar
clicking "there" (= "here"), brought me back to this page.
So uhm, I´m requesting the author to re-upload the skin puh-leeze.
If you do, i´d appreciate a note telling it´s avaliable again.
neuroglider's avatar
"We are very sorry, but due to one of our file servers crashing on us this file has been lost. We are sorry for the inconvience this may have caused you. If you would like to request that the author reupload the file click here ."

I will click there.
misohappi's avatar
ive seen this i know who created it =) (Smile)
theprophecy's avatar
This was a favorite skin of mine for a long time.. good to see it here.
thursday's avatar
most def. one of my favorite skins. i'm glad it's part of my desk..
yogan's avatar
my fav. skin. i use it all the time!

.::: » yogan « :::.
························ « ::: »
archnemesis's avatar
Woah, my 'respect' level for u just went up at least a million times when i fonud out that u made is as longtooth said, legendary. I wanna see some more stuff from u man... =D (Big Grin)

Moo Moo ||D.V.S|| Moo Moo
bluenine's avatar
This is probably my favorite skin for Winamp. It has been for awhile. I wasn't sure if it had been submitted by Bronze at deviantART, and I didn't comment on it because I haven't checked until now. Well done, sir. Thank you for making this! I use it almost every last day.

(¯`·.,¸¸,.·´¯`·.·• blueNINE
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