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Pern Dragon Sizes

*edit* Carenath is Sean Connel's bronze from the novel Dragonsdawn. He is one of the first dragons that were engineered, so he existed at the beginning of the first Pass, which is why he appears so relatively small. Just added this because oddly I seem to get a lot of questions on who he is. So there ya go :)

I've been meaning to do another chart like this for ages, but then became inspired when a person on a Pern forum made a FANTASTIC one. I didn't agree on some things, but the layout was so effective that I had to use it :)

So this is what I imagine for the sizes of the "normal" dragons throughout the majority of the Passes, as well as the 9th Pass ones that grew so large toward then.

I believe that this fits MOST of the quotes from the books (DLG excluded), though since descriptions vary throughout them, nothing will ever fit completely.

Pern and its dragons belong to Anne McCaffrey.

*edit* Uploaded a new version with my OWN drawn rider this time, rather than the one from the DRoP video game.
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Could I use this for my site so people have an Idea?