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Pern Dragon Sizes

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*edit* Carenath is Sean Connel's bronze from the novel Dragonsdawn. He is one of the first dragons that were engineered, so he existed at the beginning of the first Pass, which is why he appears so relatively small. Just added this because oddly I seem to get a lot of questions on who he is. So there ya go :)

I've been meaning to do another chart like this for ages, but then became inspired when a person on a Pern forum made a FANTASTIC one. I didn't agree on some things, but the layout was so effective that I had to use it :)

So this is what I imagine for the sizes of the "normal" dragons throughout the majority of the Passes, as well as the 9th Pass ones that grew so large toward then.

I believe that this fits MOST of the quotes from the books (DLG excluded), though since descriptions vary throughout them, nothing will ever fit completely.

Pern and its dragons belong to Anne McCaffrey.

*edit* Uploaded a new version with my OWN drawn rider this time, rather than the one from the DRoP video game.
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CapriceKeyHobbyist General Artist
This is great. I've been seeing this all over Google for years and I finally found the original one. Thanks a lot for doing this !
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Question, ive seen people say that the 45 metres fir ramoth is a mistake? How do we know its a mistake as 45 metres isnt really that big if you include head to tail length, especially as the tail could take up an unspecified amount of space.
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bronze-dragonrider General Artist
"45 meters isn't really that big" 

That's about 150 feet, longer than anything that has ever existed on earth. So I find that argument a bit difficult to swallow... it's true that the tail would eat up nearly half that length, but if you've ever stood beneath a sauropod skeleton which is at least 3/4 neck and tail, they are still MASSIVE animals. 

Take a look at Ramoth in my image, who is less than 20m, and imagine yourself staring up at that behemoth and tell me she wouldn't look enormous. Even a blue or green on my chart is elephantine in size, and they're one of the largest land animals currently alive. A 45m dragon is absurdly large, and does not remotely match any of the descriptions in the books.
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leneka10523Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So glad you went with feet and not meters.
Meters is just plain ridiculous. Sorry, but there is no way a dragon done in meters could possibly "Wheel and Turn, or Bleed and Burn" in Thread fall. They'd just be too darn big to be able to avoid Thread.

Cheers, you got it right with feet measurements!
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bronze-dragonrider General Artist
Thanks! Yeah, there are SO MANY reasons the meters scale doesn't work. Can you imagine a 120 foot animal surviving on a few cows a week? It's hard enough to imagine that could work even on the feet scale, but anything more than that is preposterous.
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leneka10523Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My thoughts exactly!
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Crimson-Dragon-KingHobbyist General Artist
Nice Job, I am thinking of a height for my western dragon character that is a adult male.
Bronze do you think 20 feet tall is a good height, or should I go with 16 feet?
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Crimson-Dragon-KingHobbyist General Artist
How Tall is the smallest dragon?
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awrightonProfessional Writer
You should check out this new dragon series of books. A lot of ppl have mentioned it's in the vein of mccaffrey but in a world of its own that speaks for itself. At least that's what my readers are saying :) ...

It's called the Dragonics & Runics series. Here's the main site:
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Fantastic! This is great!
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Nice! XD
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pokiesanHobbyist Artist
i love that book series of pern! i love how you also compared the size of the dragons too. my personal fav. was the smallest dragon boy... or was it rider? anyway i LOVE the pern series
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Swiftfire6Hobbyist Writer
Just starting to read the Dragon Riders of Pern Series, this is VERY helpful!
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bronze-dragonrider General Artist
Welcome to the world of Pern! I hope you enjoy the books :)
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Swiftfire6Hobbyist Writer
Thanks and I am
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I love your chart. It's a good comparison of sizes of these amazing creatures.
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hard to believe that there are fans who don't know Connell. It's like someone saying who is Faranth.
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Love dragons, Love the dragons of Pern.
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Wolf-In-The-WallsHobbyist Digital Artist
This guide helps with my canon-color riders. I'm just guessing with the non-canons I have in the weyr I'm in, I sort of have to guess....

But with 1 bronze, 1 brown, and 2 lovely lovely blues, the visual guide helps immensely!

*favs for future reference*
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This looks EXACTLY like the chart that you speak of.. I can hardly even tell of any changes.. lmfao
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yey!!! you included Ruth n_n
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