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This one that I'm not really proud of. Sorry guys, I ran out of ideas. :/

Update : Ok, maybe lots of people liked it. xD

Rarity : [link] by :iconbrisineo: *Brisineo

Location : [link] by :iconxpesifeindx: ~xPesifeindx

Iron chain : [link] by :iconrarous-stock: ~rarous-stock
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Wow She is muy beautiful ^^ I like :D
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Q beautiful is muy Good I like is Truly beautiful & amazing
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 is a pleasure :iconflutter-bopplz:       
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Wow beautiful Princess is so impressive I like muy Good :D
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~Eilemont (EileMonty) used this one for a YouTube video containing her Nightmare Rarity voice samples here: [link]

Nice job on the wallpaper btw. :)
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I never knew that dude. Thanks for telling me! :D
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If i get enough requests, i will get this as a tattoo! May take awhile though :o
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Hey hope you don't mind but I featured this wallpaper on my YouTube series Equals P you can check it out here [link] I linked it back to you in the description and thanks again.
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No problem at all and thanks man! :D
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yes! just yes!
Too beautiful, I really like your work of art, but also hope you will visit my space!
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I'm down with this.
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I am supremely dissapoint that you did not take the opportunity to use the incredibly excellent name "Nightmarity," but other than that, nice work.
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Well then, let me change it. :D
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WOW. Just...just...WOW. New wallpaper!!!!
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OMG I friggin ♥ this! Just pure awesomeness! :iconthumbsupplz:
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