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Shy and Angel

Been awhile since I vectored anything and I had this one half finished so while procrastinating from studying for finals I finished it off.

:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:

SVG download here.
AI download here.
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Can you do a version without Angel?
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that look so adorable but I hate angel must to call devil XD

I hate angel
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FYI, I just used this vector in a comic. I hope you like it.…
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Used, thanks a ton! :)
AnteMineFan499's avatar
Awesome work, awesome quality, OMG I love your work :0
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Just to clarify, I'm not firing with charges for art steal or anything like that here, I just want to know if You based Your work on mine in any manner, given the nature of this paticualr shot - and yes I spotted few differences.

My vector (made in February):
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Didn't You traced it from my work? because it's damn similar.
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No, we both must have just picked the same frame to trace from. If you check out the AI file you'll see the screencap I traced this from one the bottom layer.

Also, you did a better job with the obscured leg than I did.
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interesting coincidence :) About obscured body, eh I was lucky because I could easily reuse other body trace I did eariler for AJ and Grammy Smith, it's practically same stand base in this case: ( ), anyway You actually paid more attention to some details, like Fluttershy's reflection on her iris', she doesn't even has them on the actual shot, so that's some extra work on Your end ;)
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man, i've waited so long for someone to do this still shot of her- this cheers me up after my asshole friend linked me banned from equestria daily without me knowing what it was..
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I think she ended up a little chubby here, otherwise it's a really good vector.
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Hmm, you're right! Gave her a tummy tuck :p
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