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Canterlot Park (Part 1)

Its Finally done! My initial idea was to only have the mane 6, but after tinkering for hours I liked the idea of having multiple characters at the amusement park.
This is the first of several amusement park images. I am putting my own amusement park experience's in these images. The reason why this is the first is when I went to the park with my family, we would always take a picture of us in front of the park(come on everyone dose this XD)
I will say the next amusement park image will be mane 6 roller coaster.
Anyway hope you all enjoyed this one^.^ Stay Happy and Cheerful! <3
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Really like the characters of the show.
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This Image Has Reach Bootleg Levels.
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Well I know where I'm going when this is all over. Canter lot park!!!!
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Geez, Cadence, can you open your mouth any wider?
But seriously, nice group picture. But why is Cadence distracting me so much? :)
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Spike getting to be front and center in a photograph? What is this blasphemy? :D
Are you saying that you just created this picture? Can you explain why it can be seen in this video…; (at 0:32) which is from early 2014? I have seen this pic before also on other sites and even have its saved on my pc on March this year.
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Uh... dude............ this drawing is from 2012.
omg im stupid:D Im pretty new on DA and since there isnt anything that shows when the pic is uploaded, and since it was just posted in Equestria Daily, i assumed its new. Totally my bad!
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"... there isnt anything that shows when the pic is uploaded..." Yes, there are. Scroll down, and you'll the details of the picture. Anyway, welcome to dA.
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And Rarity steals it, beating Twilight by a brow!  Third place goes to the ever eye-catching Derpy!
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Luna kinda looks like a sadistic psychopath.   Markiplier WTF? 
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I love how Shining Armour and Cadence look!
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:iconderpy-hooves: : Yay I love Canterlot Park Derpy 
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OMG Thats like family memories
I think I see soul eater moon in there
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Not gonna lie, that was like playing Where's Waldo.

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This picture have been hanging at my work for quite sometime, I took a picture of it with my phone, and then used that on google, and now I'm finally here :D
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I love how you sneak a little Derpy in every one of these pics. :iconderpy-hooves:
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Alright! Who told Pinkie to bite her tongue!? You know she takes everything literally!
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