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Element of Loyalty

Continuing with humanized MLP, here's Rainbow Dash! :icondashieawesomeplz:
Hair: painted by me
Goggles: painted by me
Background: and
Clouds: painted by me

Well, this turned out different than expected. I feel that the fantasy theme from the other pictures in this series is not nearly as strong in this one. Also, Rainbow Dash is the first "normal" (non-royal) pony I've done a photomanipulation for, so that might account for it. I chose a more modern look for RD because I couldn't see her wearing a fancy ball gown (even though she did have that Gala dress) and I thought this look fit more with her personality. The background is supposed to be the Cloudsdale Weather Factory.

Please comment and offer constructive criticism!

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this looks really great, i love the model's pose, it really suits RD, also the hair is cool, and i LOVE the background, it's really amazing, though i think a clear sky suits Rd more than a stormy sky, i still love it though!:D
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Thank you!

Yeah, as soon as I saw that model's pose I thought, "That has to be Rainbow Dash!"  I agree that clear skies probably suit her better, but I was trying to keep with the more dramatic fantasy genre of the other pictures, and since her clothes were more normal and modern I figured the background would have to compensate.

I'm glad you liked the picture!  I wasn't really sure about this one
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hehe you're welcome!:D and don't worry, this one is as good as the other pictures ;)
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