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Gallery Folders

Reading with Twilight Sparkle by SymbianL
Tempest Shadow by Koveliana
Summer Sunset by Yulyeen
Luna by Koveliana
Sales: Print Artwork
MLP SketchVector: SeaBronies' Sea Sailor Seapony by mewtwo-EX
DayBreaker by Yakovlev-vad
Nightmare Moon by Yulyeen
Daybreaker by Yulyeen
Sales: Non-MLP
OC Commission: Blueberry Sunrise by Muffyn-Man
Mariche and Lunatic by Muffyn-Man
Wishes and Sacrifices by Muffyn-Man
Landscape 16 by Yakovlev-vad
Sales: Physical Goods
VinylScratch-WIP by Studio62StainedGlass
12019933 765296016915814 5412839396582693612 N by Studio62StainedGlass
FOR SALE pound cake and pumpkin cake by Littlestplushoppe
Tea Love Plush FOR SALE by Littlestplushoppe
Sales: Online Allowed
Evening moon by Yakovlev-vad
Pearl by Grennadder
Garnet by Grennadder
Amethyst by Grennadder
Sales Submissions
Color Sketch by Yakovlev-vad
Afternoon nap=3 by Yakovlev-vad
Master of the sun by Yakovlev-vad
Student's dream by Yakovlev-vad
Galloping Gallery
... by Koveliana
1) Changeling Kingdom Statues (concept art) by H-StallionWolf
King Thorax Stained Glass by H-StallionWolf
OC Commission: Kush Sisters Blazin by Muffyn-Man

Member Info, Rules & Print Info

Updated 22May16

Please we aware that we do NOT add members to our group that are not artists that we assist either by displaying their work or assisting in their sales. This group is not a Brony Fan Group but a striving non-profit that assists artists in exposure from the Brony fandom and other genres.
Membership is for anyone who wishes to contribute artwork to us. This can be for convention sales, or simply to show off in physical form at-con. We will not add artwork to the group's Gallery until it is verified as displayable by us at a convention. There are two main member tiers: Regular Member and Mane Ponies. If you just want to see new artwork as it's added, please :+devwatch:Watch the group instead!

Mane Ponies:
:bulletblue: Mane Ponies are verified after two votes by the Staff. Please fill out this form before submitting a join request.
:bulletblue: You show up on the main page, as well as the About Us page! On that page, some examples of your work are shown automatically!
:bulletblue: You can submit art that you wish us to show and/or sell at conventions. The art is added to the group once 1 Staff member approves. There is no submission limit.
:bulletblue: It's an admin position so it shows up as such on your profile. The prestige! There are no responsibilities, so don't worry about that. But, if you aren't a dA Premium member, you can only admin 3 groups. If this applies to you, please join as a Regular member. All you lose is the unlimited submission ability.

Regular Members:
:bulletgreen: Members are verified after one vote by the Staff. Please fill out this form before submitting a join request.
:bulletgreen: Members can submit art that they wish us to show and/or sell at conventions. The art is added to the group once 2 Staff members approve. Submission limit set to 10 per day.
:bulletgreen: As a member, you cannot manually apply for contributor without leaving the group. Rather than doing that, send a group note if you'd like to be bumped up.

Royal Ponies:
:bulletyellow: Royal Ponies are invite-only. Typically you would proceed from Member to Contributor to Super Friend.
:bulletyellow: You have been incredibly supportive of us and our mission to help artists gain exposure. The exact criteria are up to the BH staff.
:bulletyellow: You can submit any art without requiring staff votes and have some other minor perks.
:bulletyellow: You show up on the main page, as well as the About Us page! On that page, some examples of your work are shown automatically!

Art Rules:
:bulletred: Most art must be kid-safe, since it will be shown at conventions for all ages. Please limit your submitted content to a PG rating.
:bulletred: Some conventions are now allowing mature content in certain circumstances. We may be opening a folder for this purpose assuming there is enough interest, so please let us know if you're interested!

:bulletred: If you have questions about whether an image is appropriate, or would like us to consider a more mature piece, please send us a note. If/when we open the mature folder art will be invite-only and will require the mature filter to be enabled.

Print Information
:bulletpurple: The maximum cut size we have is 17x22 inches, but typical prints are sold at 4x6, 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x12 and 13x19 aspect ratios.
:bulletpurple: Special banners can also be made in essentially limitless length (13 or 17 inches wide)
:bulletpurple: If you'd like your images to be full-bleed (borderless) at all sizes, it is suggested that you create your images at the 11x17 aspect ratio and simply make sure there is nothing important in the left and right few inches in landscape or top and bottom few inches in portrait.
:bulletpurple: We use Epson 2880 and 3880 series printers with native resolution of 360dpi
:bulletpurple: If you're targeting the largest possible size, the largest image size we would need is 6120x7920 (17x360,22x360)
:bulletpurple: The minimum resolution we're willing to print at is 150dpi and 4x6 inches, so the smallest allowed image is 600x900.
:bulletpurple: We prefer PNG and PSD, but really any high resolution image is ok.
:bulletpurple: We protect your images by generating PRN files for specific sizes and printers. Even if someone were to acquire the PRN files, they would be useless for anything but printing on our specific printers!

Product Information
We are constantly looking for ways to take the Prints on Demand concept to the next level. Some concepts that we currently have are:

:bulletorange: Art Trading Cards - Printed at MLP CCG card size (2.5x3.5"), your images would be sold to con-goers either individually or as part of a blind multi-pack.

badges - Printed at the same size as the Art Trading Card, your images would be laminated and sold to con-goers either individually or as part of a blind multi-pack. We are planning to offer badges this summer!
:bulletorange: Custom buttons - Your image would be cropped to fit the button's face. We do not currently have the materials to make buttons.
The standard commission rate still applies. If you wish to opt out of participation in these alternative products, please let us know.

Thoughts on Theft
Thoughts on theft: Since we do prints-on-demand, theft is not too much of a concern for us. However, we plan to have some pre-printed items for demonstration purposes. [The rest of what used to be here prooved to be too much work. Worry over badges turned out to be unfounded, due to our display method.]




These members have been particularly supportive of us, and us of them! Looking for BronyHouse Staff? Check the About Us page!

Royal Ponies


Mane Ponies



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Attention Convention Staff

We at Bronyhouse would like to be publicly transparent about what artists we sell for since it is not our personal works. Our transparency towards the artists include breakdown of their sales, inventory documentation, and contracts.

We would like to let you know that as of Aug 2015 these are the artist that have contracts with us:
Apple Slice
Erich H (and) Kinetic-Spectrum
Lady Rossë
Lord Giampietro
Minami Koboyasy

Any convention staff member that would like proof of which artist we have permission to sell, please email us at We have contracts, but we will not display them publicly because of sensitive information located on the contract. Any artist that is not on the list, we do not sell their work. Many artists give us permission to sell any work they have except commission. If there is a piece that you do not see on here, but is from an artist we have, we can show any additional documentation.
Any questions or concerns please email us.

Thank you for checking out our site!

Welcome Fellow Artists!

Nurse Tenderheart Welcomes you to BronyHouse: Galloping Gallery! Founded in 2012, Bronyhouse seeks to assist the unconventional in a judgmental world. It has evolved into a place for artist support and friendship.

BronyHouse Convention Setup: What artists can expect

What kind of setup is in store for the artist as of September 2015?

:bulletred: Drape Setup contains least one piece by all major artists. All major artists are defined as an artist that has at least ten viable pieces for sale located in the Bronyhouse.
:bulletred: Drape Setup includes velcro fabric for presentation improvement
:bulletred: A selection of small images are laminated and placed on rings for those low resolution artist pieces.
:bulletred: A Selection from every artist will be available for con-goers to buy from print on demand.
:bulletred: Print on demand selection process includes 2 tablets with locking stand and physical binders. Located on the tablet is custom software designed digital binder that includes all approved G rated art for con-goer selection. Physical binders display 2x3 card images. Con-goers are provided with product codes for easy inventory and maximum printing size.
:bulletred: Print on Demand system includes the following: Register software for proper inventory, con-goers image preview for crop/fill selections, receipt register for backup inventory logs, Epson Stylus Pro 3880 & Epson Stylus Photo R2880 Printers, Lamination station, and cutting table.
:bulletred: Print on Demand includes badges in 2x3 and 4x6 size. 2-3 Rotating stands will be located on the table for seasonal popular badge images.

What are the perks of being an Artist with Bronyhouse?

:bulletblue: Artists have a contract with us. If an artist is at a convention, we do not sell their work without their permission. We do not sell pieces of an approved artist without permission. High resolution files are kept safely. We do not sell Artist prints at full price unless they are the highest quality. We never ask for non-compete contracts from artists. If an artist decides to have multiple persons sell their work, we ask that they let us know whether there is priority. If we do not have priority we will remove their selected pieces at that specific convention.
:bulletblue: Our sophisticated inventory system is designed to log every image that is purchased so materials costs can be calculated and the artist knows EXACTLY what has been sold and at what size
:bulletblue: Artists will receive payment within 1-2 weeks of convention unless multiple conventions are close together. Payment also includes a sales breakdown of what was purchased and how much was made.
:bulletblue: We regularly communicate with our artists and promote them on social media.

As of July 2015, Bronyhouse: Galloping Gallery has a deviantart supergroup.

If you are wondering about how well we do, just ask our artists! Many of our artists have recommended us to their friends!

Group Info

The BronyHouse Galloping Gallery!

Established in 2012 by NurseTenderheart, the BronyHouse is a well-regarded organization whose purpose is to assist fellow abused or neglected bronies with counseling and shelter. The organization has now expanded into the art realm, to help artists get properly represented and recognized by showing their work at conventions. Towards this end, welcome to the Bronyhouse Galloping Gallery! Like any other gallery, we welcome donations for display and fund our operations with item sales.

This group offers the ability for you to make money at conventions you don't attend. How you ask? Simple! By signing up >>here<<, we will offer your images for sale at the conventions we attend. When sales are made, you will receive 20% of the profits (sale price minus cost of materials)! There is no risk to you, since you don't have to book a hotel, print a bunch of your own stock, pay for vending space, get to the con, etc. We assume all the product and travel risk. You receive your 20% even if the trip doesn't turn a profit overall! The offer to have us sell your work also extends to physical goods. Profit sharing in this situation is on a case-by-case basis, and can be quite flexible.

We had a successful 2015 season, attending MLP-MSP, MLP Fair, TrotCon, BronyCon and SeaBronies Expedition 1. The first con we are aiming to attend in 2016 is WhinnyCon in April.

If you'd rather sell your own images, we can still print for you. mewtwo-EX personally owns the printers we will be using. Both are by Epson and the models are the R2880 and the Pro 3880. They both use the well-regarded K3Vivid 8-color pigment ink set for long-lasting prints. We plan to stock semi-gloss and metallic cut sheets in the common sizes from 4x6 up to 17x22 (including 12x12), with the ability to special order banners up to 17" wide as well as matte finish paper. We use color management for all prints, so you can expect that the printed image will look nearly identical to the image you see on-screen! A sign-up form isn't available yet, but let us know you're interested via comment or note and we can discuss in private. We believe our wholesale prices are excellent for what you get. They're certainly not copy-center prices, but the quality is far superior in our opinion.
Note: Printing is our hobby, not our job. A heads-up about a month in advance and making the order 2 weeks out is suggested for the fewest headaches, which might involve paper and ink orders needing to be made on our end.

At-con, we will also be offering emergency printing in case you run out of stock. In this case, simply get in touch with us during the convention and we will do our best to print extra copies of your provided images. Costs will be more expensive than if you had ordered them ahead of time, but you'll have more stock to sell, which is better than running out! ;) If you're interested in this offer, please select the appropriate options in the sign up link (above) so that we know you are interested.

We plan to attend Pony conventions this year, and hopefully expand to more general conventions in the near future. Therefore, we're looking for both Pony and non-Pony art.

And if you are just a convention attendee, we will continue to provide you with high quality posters just as before. You can be assured that the original artists will receive due compensation for your purchase!

Best regards, and hope to meet/see you at a con this summer!

Image of Printers!
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Feb 5, 2015

North America

Group Focus
Art Collection

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60 Members
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Hello everyone!

We have officially applied to the final BronyCon this August. Regardless of the outcome, we will be going as attendees. If we are unable to vend, we would like to give away pre-printed posters that we have left over from previous conventions (as they're currently sitting in storage not doing anyone any good). If you think we may have preprints of yours, and you'd like us NOT to give them away, please get in contact. We could potentially send them to you or destroy them.

We have sincerely appreciated helping to get your art into the hands of fans these past few years. While we don't know what the future holds, we would like to keep our options open for future sales opportunities for you. If you have questions or concerns, my dA notes are open :)

All the best,
I know we have not been on DA for a bit. I just wanted to let everyone know, while we were accepted at several conventions this year including Bronycon and Crystal Fair. We were unable to go. Our dear friend Mewtwo-EX got married this year and spent the better part of May, June, and July either enjoying Sea Bronies, Getting Married, or Spending his honeymoon in England. I am sorry we were not able to update anyone on our DA but we did vocalize to those via email.
You can understand why everyone has been so busy. Our family had a great opportunity to add mewtwo-ex's wife into our lives. We wish him all of the happiness and hope that we will be able to do more again next year.

BronyCon Ho

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 13, 2017, 2:31 PM

Hey everyone,

It's been pretty quiet, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening! We're in the process of gearing up for BronyCon in early August, and it will be our main event this year. Our other main-stays have closed (MLP-MSP) or are running a non-convention event (anticipated, Crystal Fair). If you'd like your images available for sale, make sure to submit them and send high resolution images to bronyhouse @ gmail .com if necessary.

The Patreon is plugging along. We have two fans who will be picking up orders at BronyCon, so payments for those will be lumped together. As an artist with us you may wish to plug the Patreon page, as the more supporters we get there the more money you can expect to bring in over time.

If you're a consumer of art, consider joining the very same Patreon! It allows you to pre-pay for prints you pick up at conventions, and also allows you to get prints shipped to you! It is currently the only way we are offering our collection for online sale.

Hope to see you at BronyCon in August!
BronyHouse Staff

A PSA for owners of pigment printers: I thought I'd save money by not printing during the off season, but the required cleanings, sitting for hours and cleaning again, probably wasted more ink than would have been used if a print was made every few days. It really is best to print with those printers several times a week. I've now been printing an image about every day since May. This slowly builds pre-printed stock, and keeps the printer happy. While we still intend to focus on prints on-demand, having stock available at large conventions like BronyCon is key.

journal skin by slanderxoxo
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Techoh Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Student General Artist
I accidentally clicked the join button thing but forgot to fill out the form. >.< I looked at the form, and realized that I plan to change my alias name. :v I'll be a bit before I can join. ^^" I just want to say, amazing group, for what it stands for. <3
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
That's quite alright! You can fill out the form with your current and future name. Just enter it like "Techoh / [new name]".
Really like your abstract / background pieces (the latest 2)! I can see those being successful. The character pieces are probably too rough at this point to interest buyers.

Looking forward to your application.
Techoh Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Student General Artist
My older work is not that good (deleted most of it), but I didn't even have photoshop nor a tablet. XD

Also, thank you! Apparently deviantart doesn't allow name-changing unless I buy core membership, so I'm just going to delete this account completely and create a new one under my new alias, Astral Amity. Starting from nothing isn't really fun, but I'm used to it at this point I suppose. I was never satisfied with the Techoh alias anyway and ponies have forgotten about me because I've changed so much. 
Ok, yea, I'll probably make some emotional pieces in the future because I hold in way too much and/or talk too much. Anwho, again, thank you. ^.^
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Manart-Official Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
QUESTION>> Do you guys sells NSFW or Oc's? 
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
We plan to offer NSFW prints online, but won't display them here. They will be on our website only.
OCs aren't very popular at conventions, as people only really want prints of their OC ;) However, if a commissioner wants a print of their OC, we're more than happy to provide.
Manart-Official Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh allright! Thanks you!
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