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Welcomes and Introductions

Welcome to the Brony Comic Guild

The Brony Comic Guild is  a project intended to bring together artists, writers, and other creative bronies to make something special, together.

Our Mission is to help writers and artists find partners who want to collaborate on sequential art to tell a story together. We were formed under the idea that together, we can make things that we could only dream of making on our own. Are you an artist itching to draw an original story? Are you a writer with an idea and a desire to see it illustrated? Do you have the idea and the drawing talent, but need someone to write the script of it? Are you already in a team yet need a sketch artist to help with storyboarding, or someone to help overcome a language barrier? If so, then this is the community for you!

To do this, we have developed a unique system. There are two lists: The General list and the Verified list.

The general list is for everybody, even if you have never written a story or drawn a picture, you are welcome to the general list, just send us a note on where to put you on that list (writer or artist) and we will have you up on the list in the next update. If you would like to be taken off the list, just let us know and we will take you off ASAP.

The verified list is a list of bronies who have proven their consistency. Being put on the verified list will include a mini-portfolio including any claimed specialties (for instance, if you are a writer skilled in poetry, we can mention that) and requirements (If you need with your English, for instance, we can mention that as well.) as well as a short selection of your work. There are two ways to be put on the Verified List, You can either fill out or you can successfully complete a collaboration, which will entitle you to a spot on out verified list.

When we consider an applicant for the Verified List, we decide based on consistency, not quality. We aren't here to judge the quality of people's work. We're just here to help people find consistent partners who can follow through. You do not need to notify us when you find a partner, but if you do not want to be listed as available for whatever reason, let us know.

When you complete a project with another member, regardless of whether you found said partner on the verified list or general list, please submit the work to us so we can show the world what can come of collaboration, and so we can add you to the Verified List if necessary.

And finally, have fun with this! We aren't aiming to make some pinnacle of fine squential art here, we are working to promote community interaction and teamwork.


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Rules & F.A.Q.:
Verified List:Updated July 16th, 2012.
General List:Updated July 18th, 2012
Verification Form:
“No noble thing can be done without risks”
- Michel de Montaigne

Dear Fellow Guild Members,

We've got art!

We'd like to congratulate our fellow guild members :iconmandydax: and :iconbirdco: on being the first to complete a collaboration and have it be featured here in the guild gallery!

If you haven't seen it yet, it can be found in the aforementioned gallery and, hey, why not just click the thumbnail, eh?

Manehattan Project 1 by mandydax

As you can see this "explosive" little story came about due to the "fission" of creativity that can "yield" from the "glowing" efforts of such "radiant" talents!

*Crickets chirp.*

Errr, all nuclear humor aside, on behalf of the administration team here at the Guild, we are very happy that we've had our first collaboration bear fruit, and we can't wait to see how the series progresses. Here's hoping that the Crusaders fail at this effort just as badly as they do most things or it could be a "hot" time in Ponyville!;)

*Dodges thrown garbage.*


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mr100dragon100 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is it ok you can put my comic in the series folder please 
MY-LITTLE-P0NY Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019



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CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018
Have ya'll gotten around to update this group?
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018
I am checking to see if this group is active
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner May 7, 2018
Finally finished my script fanfic and would like to see if anyone wants to do something with it
ReginaBurde Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hallo! I'm making a manga and I'd like to receive some feedback and ideas to it. Any help is welcome. Thanks!
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018
Hey I've been working on a script and wanted to know if any bored artist who want a project are interested
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017
Hey I am in the process of bringing my OC to life its just the first part though I have a script at the ready and would prefer it be a comic I have the reference sheets in case if anyone is interested  
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
First off sorry for placing the comic in the wrong folder
Secondly I'm in the process of making a audio drama and for now looking for artists to make a few slides if anyone is interested I'll gladly explain it
Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hello. I have a MLP related comic in progress. It has slapstick, unicorns that stretch like rubber, pegasi with PSI and steampunk. Oh and it's humanized. Do you mind if I join and submit the pages here?
stashine-nightfire Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015
possibility ajout my comics ?
MrKillerwave Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, i'm an amateur writer.
I focus on war, conflict, adventure, sci-fi, terror and light horror. often mixed together.
I have made an effort, contracting artist for commissions, but that quickly becomes to expensive in the long run.
I'm looking to partner up with someone, to further my training in writing, of coarse this also applies for my potential partner.

Hopefully we can have a mutual beneficial partnership, where i learn to write better, and you learn to draw better, as well.

i'm fairly new when it comes to deviant, i'm not entirely comfortable showing my work yet. But i'm finally ready to reach out, and show some of my ideas and creations.
mylittlelaboratories Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Student Filmographer
i have 2 projects started, one that is already started and one that is just an idea, and i absolutely need an artist (drawer) to draw the comic, if anybody is interested send me a message and i'll send you the détails.
mylittlelaboratories Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Student Filmographer
i need a drawer for a project i'm on, if anybody is interested, send me a message to get more details
bronyjoe111 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Okay, to anyone who reads this, since they've been neglecting updating their lists, I'm gonna start working on a comic come this summer, and I need an illustrator, or more if other peeps are willing
Name: Brony Joe
Role: Writer
Specialties (if applicable): Awesome talent for shots, great at sketching
Availability: Concept
Special requirements (if applicable.): Must be willing to work on a story with guns, motor vehicles instead of wagons, shooting, cuss words, military life, alcohol and drunken debauchery, Rainbow Dash crying....I think that's about it.
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