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Nightmare Twilight

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"But it's not a costume."
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There was the time Celly went as Nightmare Moon.
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Is she the new nightmare moon
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
i love how the guard is tinking on kill twilight XD
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...So, Luna is the commander of the night watch? I didn't know the Discworld existed in MLP.
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
This is so perfect! XD
Great work pal! XD

Also good job with the Sweetie Belle x Button Mash dressed as Cadence and Shining Armor!
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ObeliskgirljohannyStudent Digital Artist
that was flufflepuff wearing a guy fawks mask was it??
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Well, that was awkward. Btw, was Rarity dressed as Maud?
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Anyone notice the guards face in Everey panel
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JD-jumpStudent Artist
that royal guard looks like hes angry (somepony must have taken his daily muffin)derpy hooves icon 
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Not cool Twilight, not cool. (-_-)
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cute. nightmare night for me  was a vonderful(wonderful) night indeed.
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Its like dressing up as Hitler the year after WW2 ended.
So yeah too soon.
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If that has not happened somewhere yet, I will bleach my skin and dye my hair so that I can re-enact this
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ToaofTwilightZHobbyist General Artist
Silly Twilight, that's what Luna was gonna dress up as!
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XD hehe Oh Twilight!
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Clearly not amused as she doesn't like to revive her old memory.
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Why so offended Luna; she's complimenting you!
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fuffle puff...? oh wait there she is - she dyed her coat black 
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