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This time all the Vectors were done by me, me, me!-actually it was all the people listed below-because I'm talentless
Credit List
Panel 1
Scootaloo by quanno3 [link]
Cutie mark by miesmauz [link]
Apple bloom by cherrygrove [link]
Sweetie belle by robzombiefan2121 [link]
Background by rainbowderp98 [link]
Panel 2
Scootaloo by PD Pie [link]
Apple bloom by Sunran80 [link]
Sweetie belle by biodegradeablebox [link]
Panel 3
Scootaloo by orschmann [link]
Apple bloom by moongaze ponies [link]
Sweetie belle by cherrygrove [link]
Panel 4
Scootaloo by deadparrot22 [link]
Apple bloom by sakatagintoki117 [link]
Sweetie belle by qazwsx302 [link]
Panel 5
Scootaloo by KyssS90 [link]
Background by mlp vector collabs [link]
Panel 6
Scootaloo by deadparrot22 [link]
Diamond Tiara by ligliluff [link]
Silver spoon by piranha plant1 [link]
Background by cloud shade zero [link]
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donut12345's avatar
I'd be fine with it if diamond Tiara didn't talk so.....strangely
scootaloo-mlp's avatar
Yay i got my cutie mark! Just a problem..
Ihascupcakesfnaf's avatar
TomFraggle's avatar
Sort of reminds me of the part from Bloom & Gloom episode from Season 5 and this comic was done almost 2 years ago before episode came out.  Only it's Applebloom, not Scootaloo, but still, very nice prediction. :thumbsup:
Derpyfan99's avatar
jeez, that;'s kinda harsh
fluttershylover20's avatar
I think that Scootaloo should be able to still be friends with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom
BadWolf1000's avatar
Dude just go hang out with rainbow.
19jburner's avatar
Why can't Scoots just hang out with Button Mash or maybe Snips, Snails, Featherweight, or maybe even Pipsqueak?
sarahallridge's avatar
...She'd look like a right Dope if she played with Pips, no offense to little Pipsqueak anyway.
AspiePie's avatar
HeavenIsForReal's avatar
LizzyTheSpacegal's avatar
-Puts forever lasting cutie marks on the other cutie mark crusaders to be their cutie marks- MUAHAHAHA
bitsincorporated's avatar
welcome to the dark side scoots.
metalsystem761's avatar
Nulono's avatar
Why the weird capitalization?
Nulono's avatar
*if you're not
Starlight-Flux's avatar
Poor Scootaloo! She could always paint over her Cutie Mark with Orange paint.

In the show however, I don't think Scootaloo is going to be kicked out of the CMC. I think the CMC will get all their cutie marks at the same time by Applebloom making a ramp, Scootaloo jumping the ramp, and sweetie bell singing at the same time as Scootaloo makes the jump.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Funny! However, I doubt they'd do that to poor SCutealoo.
bronybyexception's avatar
That nickname is awesome
GoldenPonyZ's avatar
Dashiegalore's avatar
I love scoots cutie mark!!!!!!
kylemon73's avatar
I knew this would happen but I thought it would be sweetie belle who gets her cutie mark 
StonerKid85's avatar
Good news is you get a Cutie Mark.
Bad news is you're now stuck with the two most annoying fillies as your friends.
Equivalent exchange, people!
Icelord2314's avatar
The good news is that the operation was a complete success and that you now look like a movie star,
the bad new is that that movie star is Drew Carey.
     -Ryan Stiles
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