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2016 Advent Day 15

I just want to start by saying I never understood why you Yanks made a movie that opens with the death of Santa a Christmas Classic
Applejack by Pilot231
Apple Bloom by RobZombieFan2121
Santa Hooves
by Scourge707
Wreath Cutie Mark
by MewtwoEX
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LimeDreaming(love that name)


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I purposely just read this where  Applejack acting like RIck and  Applebloom acting like Morty  and its like a rick and morty parody, kind of like that moment in morty mind blowers, for MLP it's totally Applebloom mind blowers
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easy we made it a classic because he kept leaving coal. yeah well he ain't leaving coal no more lol.
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Yeah, that is a fact that they manage to gloss over.  Heck the first Santa Claus just vanishes, who knew that he was a jedi! 
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Applejack WOULD kill Santa Claus...
regularshowandsonic's avatar
in a Rick from Rick and Morty kind of way i beleive XD
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It was a movie starring Tim Allen. After Home Improvement, I guess this one wasn't that bad. Also, the whole "trying to fill shoes too big for one and find out they actually fit" is a trope used a lot in TV: Guy accidentally Santa, puts his clothes, becomes Santa first in looks, then in mission, screws up a bit at first, then fully becomes Santa. Successful enough movie for at least 2 sequels.
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There is no 'Santa' in Equestria so it is only natural this would have happened.
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It's a commentary about the progression of human institutions because of, rather than despite, the intrinsic mortality of man.

Also, dark slapstick is awesome.
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well atleast santa is normaly wearing red
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Oh NOOOOOOOO! The day when Christmas is literally dead! Celestia do something!
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I am a 'Yank', and you're not the only one who doesn't get it.
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