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Howdy, Everypony... So it's been a long time since we made a formal update, and we have some things to say.

We deeply apologize for the lack of attention on this page. Season is making some huge steps towards her future, like going to college and has a part job. Pastel's working full time plus overtime to get her husband Gear Grinder over to live with her, Yui's out being a Weeb (And looking for a new job) Filmsparks is working as well (congrats to him by the way, for his relationship, we're super happy for him) As for Katy, she's still in high school and getting her drivers license. Plus. We have all been traveling. That's right! We have left our isolation chambers, and going out and doing things! Like a normal human being. But with all of this in mind, we have looked at the group and noticed some issues. And these need to be addressed. (No names will be mentioned, but you know who you are.)

Thing #1: No one is following our set rules.

Guys we, we love you. But we have rules, that no one seems to want to follow.…

We have it to where you must, message us before wanting a teacher position. Because when we do get to making this a project, you'll need a clean and clear microphone.  But not just that, you'll need a good speaking voice, and be able to act. And by act, we mean we must find your performance acceptable. And not from any third party who is close to you. Us as the mods, have to determine that.

You can't just randomly ad yourself if you do, we will take your submission off the page. This isn't because we don't like your art or what you have to offer, it's just you didn't follow our rules and will start taking action if you keep ignoring them.

Not only that some of the character descriptions in the art we have received, don't tell how they fit into the universe. A lot of them just focus on what the character looks like, and has only positive traits. We're flawed human beings.

I know we all want a world full of Finn the Ponys, we all love him and his cinnamon rolly-ness but that would be WAY too many nice people. We just want some diversity with character personalities.  

Thing #2: Folders and Journals.

We've been getting a lot. No I mean, A LOT! of unrelated submissions. It's come to the point that we have to sort what needs to be here or not. After today we are changing the permissions and the structure of the folders and journals. Speaking of journals, Guys. When we make announcements are you not to edit them. The permissions for this will change as well. If you want to make a journal, you can. but you are to only edit your own post. Any posts that are edited that isn't yours, will lead to a temporary ban if it's another contributor's journal. However, if it's a mod journal you will get banned permanently, no exceptions.

Thing #3:

Now, this will come off jerkish. and we're sorry. But we will be moving things that either don't belong in some folders or just flat out delete them. The reason for deleting will because if, A the original artist did not post it there or B it did not follow the guidelines. If we move something that belongs to you or if we delete something that belongs to you. Note Season and she'll tell you for the reason why.

But on the upside, since we feel that might've been a mistake on our part that we didn't give a folder to plug your art, we just made a folder for you to post your artwork, so now things won't get crowded.
For posting what your OC looks like, post in either Earth pony, Pegsi, Unicorn, Alicorn, Unique species and/or OC's.
      The Students folder is for you to post your OC in the EQG style wearing the school's uniform. Same goes for the teacher. Not all of the Female teachers where the same outfit as me and pastel. Some wear pants, or a blazer, or a pencil skirt. When it comes to the teachers uniform take SOME creative liberties, as long as it's the same color palette.But no miniskirts or shorts. I can't believe I'm bitching about clothing and the dress code again!

We don't mean to come off as rude, we really appreciate the activity since we've gone. But we need to put our foot down on somethings. if you ever need help with certain things, feel free to contact either:
Now, with this all done, we hope you all have a great day and thank you all for sticking around.
Name: Lovestruck Dart
Age: 12
Type: Pegasus
Sex: Female
DOB: 01/05/05
Fav. BronyTubers: Lightning Bliss, Silver Quill, Joshscorcher, ToonKriticY2K, Keyframe, Golden Fox, ILoveKimPossableAlot, Aeon of Dreams, & Dr. Wolf
my oc's name is Flame Star

Name: Flame Star
Age: 18
Sexual Prefrence: lesbian
Relationship: ________
Race: Pegasis
Eye Color: Green
Mane Colour: yellow, orange
Fur Color: Yellow
Gender: Female
About her: a loving mare that loves dancing, singing, lots of hugs and music
Likes: Long walks,The nature, Flying a lot, Singing, Warm hugs, Good company, Swimming in lakes And Relaxing
Dislikes: Yells, Being alone, Meanies, Homophobic people, Sexists And Pervs

but in real life my name is Robert

In Real Life
name: Robert
age: 17
gender: male
Girl Friend: -----
Brony; oh hell yeah
Howdy! Katystar here to give some a few announcements about Teacher and Student applications! Because we're hoping on turning Brony Academy into a YouTube series

Student applications will go as normal, but just change due to some artwork with a few characters.
           For females; We'd like to have your skirts down to a few inches above your knee, and sleeves have to be down to your wrists. This for the theming of the project, since it's based of anime/japanese.  Crimson Glow's uniform is good example for female uniforms, if you don't want the skirt then you can wear pants. We just don't want a scene from hentai please.
For instance! season-the-wiccan.deviantart.c…, Star Chamer's uniform is of apporite lengh for the female student dress code! Female shoes can be mary janes,penny loafers, or boots (Nothing flashy or having heel larger then 2 inches).  
           Males Check out fine. With bags such as; Backpacks,Messenger bag, Drawstring bags,etc. You can have fun with it, express yourself! Just keep it PG.

Teachers, Oh boy. This isn't just about dress code, but more of what it takes to be a teacher in this project.
            1. You must ask us beforehand so we can confirm it.
This is because of the fact the fact that, you're play a teacher. You will be speaking. You're not just playing a background character. You'll also have to have a good working mic.
            2.Don't be Vague.
With curtain roles like a history teacher, you can't just say I wanna the history teacher. Again Japan has a lot of courses that all deal in on subject. I.e. say "I want to be Japanese Studies teacher" not, "I want to be the History Teacher".

The Roles we have so far are (Including taken roles here.).

Home Economics -

Finances -

Art - Editor

Humanities - Pastel Prose

Phys. Ed - Vendrixdragon

Computer Arts - DeepClover80

Info Technology (IT) - FowlPlay

Band - Gear Grinder

Orchestra - Andrea Songheart

Photography -

History of Photography -

Male and Female Choir - KatyStar

School Chefs - Peewee Dragon (to pay for tuition)

Drama - Phoolery

Sports Coaches

* Soccer -

* Tennis -

* Volleyball -

* Baseball -

* Track -

* Basketball -

* Cheer - Pastel Prose

* Dance Team - Pastel Prose

Guidance Councelor -

Principal -

Vice Principal - Misanthropony

Nurse - Kage

Regular and Advanced Chinese -

Regular and Advanced Korean -

Regular and Advanced English -

Regular and Advanced Spanish -

Regular and Advanced French -

Regular and Advanced Latin -

Regular and Advanced English Literature -

Regular and Advanced Japanese Literature and Grammatical Structure -

Note me or other Founders if interested.

    Teachers also have a strict dress code.  For example Pastel's uniform fits not only as a coach but as a teacher.
Teacher uniforms for Girls have to have. Tucked in white button up shirts, Long Purple skirts that drape over the legs, mary janes shoes, and purple ties. Hair being up or down is Optional.
Teacher uniforms for Men have: A Tucked in White Button-up Shirts, Purple dress pants, shoes can be any non flashy dress shoes, and purples ties.

         I think that covers everything that needed to be said!
Remember if interested in a Teacher/staff role; note me, :iconseason-the-wiccan:, :iconfallenwish-creations:, :icongeargrinder23:,:iconpastelprose:,:iconcredechica4:, and :iconkannayui:.

         Bye for now!
Okay, I think it's time for an explanation as to why I created a new Brony Academy group. But in order to explain, I'm gonna have to give you guys a bit of history as to how the project came to be. The idea was concieved by myself and :iconkannayui: back in the Summer of 2015. Yui came up with an idea of an Anime like High School only back then it was penned Rift Cafe High, and around that time, I was dipping my toes in the Anime Fandom and watching a lot of Anime America's content and it was when I watched their video Top 10 Dances of Anime, that I found the opening song for Lucky Star, Mattoke Sailor Fuku. And I listened to this song nonstop as I walked to and from work, I then remembered Yui's idea and brought up an idea that came to me while listening to this song. Maybe instead of limiting it to just the Rift, why don't we open this idea to the fandom and we can dub it "Brony Academy" since "Rift Cafe High" didn't sound right. Yui was immediately ecstatic about the project and we spent an entire call designing uniforms and spreading word about the project and so many people wanted in and me and Yui then knew, we had something that people would like and we talked about making it a YouTube project collab. Now, around this time, we were friends with someone named Moon Solace, now called Cobalt Lazuli, now Cob....he's an "ok" guy at most, but he has this thing where he's a bit whiny and demanding, and childish. But, he heard about me and Yui's project when we were talking about it in a group call and sometime during that call, he sent a link in the chat to a Brony Academy DA Group, me and Yui looked concerned at each other like 'Did someone already come up with this?'

We click the link and it leads to a Brony Academy group Cobalt made for the project, it was a nice gesture and me and Yui were appreciative....but we noticed that Cobalt didn't put us as Founders which peeved us a bit but we didn't think much of it at the time, thinking that it wasn't a bit deal. But then, Yui left the Brony Fandom and left the rights of Brony Academy to myself.

And this is where we're in present day children! See, this year, I decided to take initiative and get things going with the project since we shut down BSP and I wanted to put content on my own channel and I felt Brony Academy would be a great opportunity to do so. As soon as I made this decision, I assigned co directors for the project, my 2 very good friends :iconpastelprose: and :iconcredechica4: AKA Filmsparks, Film was gracious enough to tidy up my design for the Brony Academy badge and was expressing interest in mass producing them as actual patches for us to one day sell at cons and when I was in a bit of financial trouble, he said that I could sell the design on different products via Redbubble and he said that since the design was originally my brainchild and he simply made it nicer and more professional, I didn't have to share the profit, I insisted but he didn't want it. So, I finally broke down after a couple of days and put the design on my Redbubble and advertised it in different Skype groups. Cobalt then got wind of this and started hounding me in PM about it. Saying....and this is an actual quote: "The original intent is for this group to be for roleplay and art sharing, not a money raker."

He then continued to tell me: "Because as i said before, this group is not made to be a merch store from a third party. If you wish to do something like that from your own page, that's fine. If the sales go decently enough Ill keep it going. You got one month though, if not, it goes to your page."

So in short, he thinks he owns the project when he contributes nothing to the project except voting on art being added to the DA group and making the group. Congrats Cobalt, you can press buttons.

Not only that, he wanted things run his way, meaning: No YouTube projects, no Redbubbles, no making anything around this idea outside DA.

I was scared to continue the project for a while after that and I tried to take initiative in the DA group as a moderator by booting and blocking certain problem people from the group....but LAWL NOPE! Cobalt had it set to where I had no power as a CO FOUNDER! All I could do was add and sort art, and make new I was basically a MEMBER with a TITLE! I was pissed and I wanted to address to him how I was displeased with this and how he was being a complete dirt wipe, but knowing him, he'd throw a diva fit and delete the entire group, leaving me to pick up the pieces and start over from scratch, which isn't what I wanted. And I'm not a manipulative person, it's a trait I would like to have for certain situations but I never developed this and I don't like a lot of confrontation (despite what some of you may believe) but after months of sitting and doing nothing and continuing to just let it be, I came across Aino Hi Senshi in another Skype group who was working on the same idea and gave me mixed signals as to whether or not he was salty with me that I had the same concept going on and I stated I didn't know about his project, I apologized and asked if there was a way for us to collab and/or share ideas....he didn't give me a straight answer so I decided, "You know what? It's clear that more people are coming up with this idea, I need to get this out soon or people will think I'm a copycat....I'm just gonna make the new group, if Cobalt doesn't like it, oh well."

Me and him have not talked ever since a completely different situation a few months ago (different story for another day) but I asked Pastel and Yui if they'd back me up if Cobalt came after me to which they both said "Hell yes." Cuz, I'm tired of the disrespect and Cobalt talking down to me like I'm a child, they're tired of the disrespect and down talking. It was time to take initiative and here we are now, I'm free to make the decisions and do what I want for the project and where I want to take it and I felt a wash of relief come over me as I got people to add their art to this group.

If you all have questions, comment below, thank you all for you're time and have a great day.

Chat log screenshots for those that're gonna want proof:……
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