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Okay so something rather large happened since my last post. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and answered a few questions honestly and they scheduled me with a followup appointment at a mental health clinic because I displayed numerous signs of passive suicidal ideation, i.e. I wasn't planning to actually kill myself but I had suicidal thoughts on the daily and had actually developed a plan for doing it if I ever mentally crossed that line into being actively suicidal. They didn't think I was in immediate danger because every time I think about the aftermath of such a thing all I can see is my mom clutching at my father after he had
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So uh... wow. I haven't posted anything here since December of last year. Damn. Well first off, it's my birthday today... and that's pretty much the only good thing. I don't think I've mentioned it on here at all but people following me on tumblr or fimfiction certainly got an earful so I'll update everyone here at long last. In the summer of last year my father started having back pain so bad that he couldn't even walk down the hallway without mom and I supporting him, and even then it hurt so much he was shouting in pain the entire way. We finally convinced him to go to the hospital, and the doctors find a growth on his spine, along with
Will be posting the split part 32 later tonight, rather busy cleaning today.


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She's not colored yet though...
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Hi Brony17! I loved the original Silent Ponyville and the sequels, I'm loving Silent Ponyville Reunion even more now! Just checking are you still continuing it in the future? I'm dying from giddiness imagining Lance when he finds out Posey made Fluttershy do what she did! I'm imagining the Marie/Maria from Silent Hill 2, they looked so similar but we're total opposites ... So which one is Lance with?

Just knowing you'll continue it one day is enough to get me through the days until the next chapter. Amazing work ^_^
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Rest assured I do intend to finish it, and am glad you enjoyed reading it!

And I'm not telling anyone plot details, because what fun would that be? ;)