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This one is new for me. For years now friends of my, have asked me to design their tattoos. Well, I finally made one - well not really my friend asked me to re-create a tattoo he saw on the net. This is my interpretation of it.
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Hello my name is Alex and I am the owner of a very prominent tattoo chain
in the South Florida area called Salvation Tattoo Lounge.

My team and I discovered your artwork on here and thought that you were
very talented. I'm not sure if you're interested in tattooing but our
company is the main sponsor for a tattoo school called The Master Tattoo
Institute. We sponsor scholarships that cover a large part of your tuition
that helps students pay for school to become professional tattoo artists.
Furthermore we hire the top student graduates from the school into our
shops. Below I listed some of the details for you to look over.

- 4-6 week courses
- Housing is available for out of town students
- Tattoo Artists earn an average of $150 per hour
- No obligation to stay and work for the company once the training is

If this sounds interesting to you and would like to have a discussion
please let me know and we can set up a time to talk. If nothing else I
thank you for your time and wish you a wonderful career.

Alex Zarfati
Salvation Tattoo Lounge
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Truly beautiful! Well done, I love your shading and style in this piece!
that the wrestler the undertakers tattoo he has it on his forearm ive drawn it its fun good job re creating it
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nice. it looks good
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It is wonderful!! Reminds me of Flag from Stephen King's The Stand. This is a wonderful drawing!
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awesome! great shading! :)
ow muito loko...!
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Pretty Good Rendition Of The Paul Booth Original.
Good Job :)
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awesome :omg:
great job
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hey do you mind if i use this as a reference? me and my friend are doing an art project in which we are painting a dummy with tattoos, and i was wondering if i could use this?
hey man,

i got the tattoo done... i ll be posting the images soon....

my tattoo artist did a little modification to it and made it even more impressive.
would you mind if i get this as my newest tattoo.

i intend to get it on my left calf muscle.

seeking your permission.
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Not at all. Go ahead.

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You know i kinda took your idea and kinda shaped my idea with yours if ya dont mind lookin at my art work that i redid of this tattoo. I do hope you like it.
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Dude is totally kool. The original design wasn't my. I just re-drew an image of the internet for a friend of my, who also was getting this as a tattoo. But, thanx I appreciate the heads up!
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Ahh thanks man i always respect any pencil done artwork it is why i redid with the computer but tho thanks :D
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i hate this pic god cheep tattoo flash. the horn on the left is so wrong and he needs more of a jaw
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This is awesome.
Great job,

Can I ask where they wanted to get this tattooed?
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