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It's been long enough, and things have quieted down in my personal life. It has taken a few years, but I finally feel strong and confident enough to share my new deviantART account publicly, with all you amazing people. @Obsidanite (The account hasn't seen much activity, but I'm going to be making it active starting next monday with new content. I've got plans, and this time they're for real, and I'm not going anywhere.) I'm very excited to share the content I've got planned for you guys! I spent the last couple of years buckling down on a myriad of personal problems, overcoming depression and other mental health issues, and I've finally started to take control of my life. I've cut ties with people who were toxic. I've started eating better again. I got an amazing art job that I'm incredibly grateful for, I've learned a boatload of new things that have made me grow incredibly as an artist. I've also become so much more emotionally mature. It feels great. I found people who have
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I'm gonna post my username publicly here for people to go and check out my new account. I think it's been long enough now. BlackSunDreamer ( I've also decided to use this old account to continue posting adoptables. It won't be too frequently but I might try and use the opportunity to try out new and different artistic techniques in the designs. I really want to push myself. pretty short update honestly! It's been a tough year so far but I'm really going to try and turn things around from now on. Thanks so much for reading and hope you all have a wonderful night!
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Hey all sorry for being so quiet recently! Especially if you have communicated with me on the last journal where I was selling my designs/CS. I'm currently going on vacation for two weeks starting on may 2nd so I've been busy running around preparing and stressing out so i apologize for not replying!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to reply to any messages until I return on the 15th of may unless I find a bit of time to organize some more sales during my trip. Again I am so sorry I've been so quiet, please note me if you have any pressing concerns that need to be addressed immediately!
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yoOO this is super out of the blue, but I just noticed you go to uvic!!! I'm not enrolled there myself, but you're literally the first person I've come across on here that lives on the island so just!!! I'm needlessly excited n just wanted to say hi >:3cc
Hey there i was wondering if you would be up to selling the togruta "crown" character you purchased from deer head xiris, i honestly have fallen in love with them, but only if you not not using them of course!
Gosh your stuff is so lovely~!! I'm glad i stumbled across your work you have a wonderful mind and i really hope you have a lovely day :heart:!
aw why thank you! <3
really dig the nautipod concepts, grood work!