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Tree Test

By brontosaurus
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Playing with pixels and retro camera effects...

Related to a game design project I'm doing with ~axcho. I'd love to see something like this in a real time format.
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It looks very interesting.... I've never seen anything quite like this before :clap:
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That's a huge compliment. Thankyou so much!
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I think this is my favourite of your pixel work. :)
Hello! My name is Abraham. I'm just letting you know that I stole some of your colors. I thought I should let you know because they're really lovely.

If you feel like taking a look: [link]
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Wow - great work mate. Thanks for letting me know too, I appreciate it -even though you didn't appropriate much, haha. I think inspired is the word :lol: Your work looks similar to the kind of thing me and ~axcho are collaborating on, albeit in vector form, and focusing on a more mathematical approach. Let me know if you ever want to work together. :) You might want to have a chat to axcho too - he's very interested in generative art/level design. His blog's here. Do you plan to release anything on os x?
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I love it, and I would love to see it come to life also.
It's awesome.
Perhaps an Itouch/Iphone game?
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We'll see :). In the short term we'll be focusing on flash games, as thats what ~axcho is most familiar with. But yes stay tuned, and follow his account to watch our progress.
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Thanks, appreciate it.
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Did you check out his invader generator? Its fricking mad.
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I haven't, but I will when I get a chance ;D
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yeah. that would be seriously cool in a video game :D
kinda reminds me a little of Darwinia or a radiohead cover or something :)
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Me and ~axcho are working on getting the filters working in real-time :)
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sweet, good luck with it :D
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