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Pixel Skylines 04: Guilin

By brontosaurus
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I've been meaning to post these for a year now... I only remembered them when I started collaborating with the amazing ~axcho on a game. We're thinking of going with a pixel style similar to this.

This was inspired by the landscape around Guilin, China. Its very surreal - I'd like to go there one day. Do yourself a favour and google search it.

Edit: For some reason I typed Japan instead of China. Thanks axcho!
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haha nice, your signature has a reflection
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I love this. Great attention to detail on the colouring along the horizon line and in the reflections. I still love your little boats, too. :)
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Thanks heaps Maddie! Yeah - I tried to get the reflections to look as realistic as I could... If pixel art can look realistic :P
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This picture is the awesome, by the way. I can't wait to make a procedural version of this scene...
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You're back! :dance: How was the trip?
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Got some interesting new ideas to think about. I'll send you an email. ;)
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So can we talk tonight? :D
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Yeah. I'll be online. :p
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wow, this sure brings me back :omfg:

space quest comes to mind :lol:
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Haha, thankyou! I have no idea what your talking about, but it sounds retro so it must be cool, haha.
centuryslayer's avatar
oh no worries xD
it's an old pc adventure game
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Seeing as your 4 years older than me, I'm not surprised I haven't heard of it :) Sounds cool though.
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:lol: oh I see. well the game is older than I am even :faint:
yeah, it's really funny albeit extremely hard. it's about a failed janitor on a space station that gets kidnapped by aliens and then crashes on a strange planet :XD: at least that's how the...uh..first or 2nd game begins I think :P
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From wikipedia:

Space Quest is a series of six science fiction computer games that follow the adventures of a hapless janitor named Roger Wilco, as he campaigns through the galaxy for "truth, justice and really clean floors".

Ha ha ha.
centuryslayer's avatar
I have 5 of them on on CD :lmao:
if you've played games like monkey island or grim fandango it's very similuar, albiet more trial and error/gruesome death. :sarcasm:
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