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Brony Subculture Analysis



Per Request: I will be uploading a full text version of this analysis this week for those who wish to copy and paste directly.

This is the second iteration of my continued analysis of the Brony subculture. This revision contains numerous additions, alterations and contributions (made by BronyStudy and other sources). Please read the foreword at the beginning and follow the lines to view the analysis in the proper progression.

To clear a few common questions out of the air beforehand, here is a short FAQ:

Q: Do you have autism?
A: No I don't.

And that about wraps it up! Please post any additional questions, comments and concerns in the comments section below!

Also, please if you have not already, go to:
and take their survey(s) in order to help them and myself as well in collecting data on Bronies. The professors over at the study have been a massive help in the process of creating this analysis, and thus deserve more credit than I can ever give them. So help me help them and go to that link!

You may spread this analysis wherever you choose... in fact I strongly encourage it! However, you must directly credit myself and, as well as directly link to this page. You may not post a legible version, but you may post a small version as a teaser followed by the link. Thank you!
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thank you my good man

for today the work has been done 

you are a visionary

#brohoof /)(\