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Brony Subculture Analysis

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Per Request: I will be uploading a full text version of this analysis this week for those who wish to copy and paste directly.

This is the second iteration of my continued analysis of the Brony subculture. This revision contains numerous additions, alterations and contributions (made by BronyStudy and other sources). Please read the foreword at the beginning and follow the lines to view the analysis in the proper progression.

To clear a few common questions out of the air beforehand, here is a short FAQ:

Q: Do you have autism?
A: No I don't.

And that about wraps it up! Please post any additional questions, comments and concerns in the comments section below!

Also, please if you have not already, go to:
and take their survey(s) in order to help them and myself as well in collecting data on Bronies. The professors over at the study have been a massive help in the process of creating this analysis, and thus deserve more credit than I can ever give them. So help me help them and go to that link!

You may spread this analysis wherever you choose... in fact I strongly encourage it! However, you must directly credit myself and, as well as directly link to this page. You may not post a legible version, but you may post a small version as a teaser followed by the link. Thank you!
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thank you my good man

for today the work has been done 

you are a visionary

#brohoof /)(\
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Can only agree
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this post made me happy ^-^
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This is a very good poster explaining Bronies.
Thank you. ^ ^
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This is interesting but the data needs to be more accurate or have sources linked with them.
Parents * so don't come and say Europe is late that annoys me, no u just Happend to like this my little pony stuff and we do not like it not in my country many people hate it here.
No Europe ain't late :S I'm from Europe and the thing is just not as many men in Europe is like men in USA as u can see. European men is Doing man stuff and yes we know about this brony thing me and my friends just don't like it as many others European people, so no we ain't late most of us simple see my little pony as a kid show or something larders watch with there kids not alone.
Brony Fandom: 86-87% MALE
Furry Fandom: >80% MALE

WOW, two animal-based fandoms and both are not only male-dominated, but HEAVILY male-dominated with over 80% males.

Can studies explain why females aren't as interested in joining these fandoms?

Fun fact about the furry fandom. Over 50% of furry porn comics are gay-themed (M/M), and the majority of the fandom is hetero. Male furry characters do tend to appeal more to people than female furry characters.

There are guys who admit they're straight and have no interest in human males, but find themselves fascinated with male furries, and even enjoy watching furry yaoi.

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The truth: Ponies are cool. MLP: FIM is awesome.
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woah brony... thts a lot and pretty epic
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A very general, thorough and thought-out work. Well done!
There are *some* flaws in it though.

The charts detailing demographics (specifically education) could use a side-by-side comparison with the world/U.S. percentages, as it stands, some might not know how educated bronies really are.

Personality type percentages would also improve this analysis; I firmly believe that the fact 28% of bronies are INTJ's (Scientists) is relevant to your analysis.

Clopfics probably didn't need a column of it's own (a subgroup of fanfics), however, music probably did. I realize that music is more amorphous and thus harder to detail, but it is still a large part of the fandom; 85% of bronies listen to fan-produced music at least once a week, second only to watching episodes (96%).
*This does not apply to the current hiatus in which no new episodes are being released.*

Giving each of the Mane 6 a personality description is debatable, after all, this is a analysis of Bronies and not the show, but I concede that their personalities are relevant to the fandom. However, the descriptions did not give us much new information, assuming that this was made for Bronies.

All statistical information was obtained and can be obtained from The 2013 State of the Herd Report. [link]

So anyway, nice work, keep it up! :)
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I come from the future to tell you that you're %110 correct.
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~With regards from the past
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Wow man dat work!!

Honestly, I'm quite surprised by three things:
-more 16-20 than 21-25 years old people
-87% of male (...I knew we were more than girls, but not so much!!!)
-only 21% in Europe (the old continent is always late)
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I almost read the whole thing! X-D
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Finally someone who agrees with me! bronies are a subculture, amen to that XD
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I would just like to say that this helped me with a sociology presentation. Thank you!
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Glad I could be of assistance :)
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Since the Brony Documentary's now separating bronies into hipsters, moderates and creatives, too, I'm curious - where's that from? Did you come up with it, or is it from one of your sources? And if you came up with it, what's it based on?

Thank you. :)
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It's my own breakdown of the subculture. I developed it from experience, analysis and research into the fandom.
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