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Okay, apparently the rules and guidelines aren't clear enough, so I'm going to post them bright and clear for every freaking body to see!!! I don't want to hear complaints about unclear after this, got it?! I am sick of the messages!!

I cannot stress this enough: PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDERS!

What the group does not accept:
Crude art
Crudely drawn art
Analysis Journals
Images containing vectors created by someone other than yourself, even with permission
Pony Creator
Doll Maker images
OC recolors
Fetish art (which is just common damn sense with the clop and crude art, dammit!!)

Moderators may reject art at their discretion, so long as it is discussed and agreed upon with other moderators.

Gallery Folders

Getting Ready for Christmas by Lightning-Bliss
Happy holidays 2016 by Vector-Brony
League of Broviewers 2016 by Lightning-Bliss
Happy holidays 2015 by Vector-Brony
Nidoking AnY by MLP-HeadStrong
AnY (the handsome stranger) by MilwaukeeRoadBrony
grumpy AnY ponetato by DeathMeisterStudios
To AynWye by Pikafan2000
Tommy Oliver
TommyvsCP by greycat-rademenes
Brony Curious by Luximus17
TommyOliver haveing a great day to read by biancaroseg
Good to meet you (AT) by Shattered-Skye
Request for RaventheDoll by SaltyLittleMidget
Pusheen Digi by Keychi-Fim
Ponies and Swords by Moralezk
Digi Party by BlizzardWizard01
Past Analysis
Past Analysis Cronus by CrimsonGlow
Golden Eyes [Bday Gift] by Pristine1281
Comission - Baby Pasta 2 by CosmicChrissy
COM - Pasta The Baby by CosmicChrissy
Yummy Apple Cider (Request) by redsprite14
Reveiwing Broanalysts: Buc Brony by foger3
BucBrony Neon by SuperstarEdge96
MLP: Bravo, Bucbrony! by EmeraldBlast63
(gift): When the Lethal isn't showing by TrueColors612
Chibi Mage by VeteranPegasister
Baby Mage by Firefall-MLP
Happy Birthday Mage! by Ed1229
Byter as an animatronic. by Zerod12
Zerod vs Byter by Zerod12
Zerod meets byter by Zerod12
Byter Neon by SuperstarEdge96
Antony C
[SFM/GMod] Cosmo Logic/Antony C by SuperstarEdge96
Tony Pony by Luximus17
To AntonyC by Pikafan2000
Antony C by Animechristy
Eliyora as: Knight Man (Mega Finn VI) by PONeOnDRug
Wedding gift for Eliyora and Acharky by DBurch01
Eli VS Prose by DBurch01
Judgement [Brony Tarot] by Pristine1281
Golden Fox
_Rest by Ekomu
Voice of Reason
Lets Do The Timewarp Again 26 by RockportMaricruz
Student Counsel Thumbnail for ILoveKimPossibleAlot by AllyBACat
Redcord - Channel Hopper
Me and Channel Hoper at BABSCon 2017 by XaldinWolfgang
DRWolf sketch - Reaching Hope by Flor-de-Liz4
The Hanged Mare [Brony Tarot] by Pristine1281
Keyblade Wielder Ink Rose by MLP-HeadStrong
Persian Poetess
The High Priestess [Brony Tarot Deck] by Pristine1281
Questy by IhasJessie-Kat

Mature Content

CCC Zombie Birdman by InfinitysDaughter
Silver Quill
SIlver Quill as: Flash Man (Mega Finn II) by PONeOnDRug
Sapphire Heart Song
The Sapphire Kimono by BrogarArts
Pony drums by foger3
Storm Analysis
Kidnapping is what I do by M-elodySketches
Josh Scorcher Firebrand
Pone-Bot Master of the Month #1 by PONeOnDRug
Thunder Blur
Thunder Blur Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96
TSSSAP by star3catcher
Sweetie Bloom
Sweetie Bloom - raffle prize by MythPony
Keyframe MLP
Keyframe as Spider Gwen by FreshlyBaked2014
Nicky V MLP
NickyVMLP by Sonic2125
Aeon of Dreams
Miraculous Fox of Dreams by CrimsonGlow
Comic Sans
Aggressive Comic Sans by fluffdragonart
Lightning Bliss
MLP Gift: Lightning Bliss by FrostTheHobidon
Keyblade Wielder Wolfkeen by MLP-HeadStrong
Lets Do The Timewarp Again 15 by RockportMaricruz
He Gon Go Blind [Tyandaga Gift Redraw] by AwesomeWaffle11
Mad Munchkin
Mad Munchkin plays the Blues by FreshlyBaked2014
Manga Kamen
Lets Do The Timewarp Again 20 by RockportMaricruz
Thespio And Midnight Sonata by lachlancarr1996
Finn the Pony
Finn the Pony and Jake the Dragon by FreshlyBaked2014
Newfound Love by DBurch01
The Blues Broskis by FreshlyBaked2014
Family of Carcharodons Redux by MLP-HeadStrong
Title Cards
The Beginning Of The End Review (Link below) by Sonic2125
Thunder Blight Invades The Third Dimension by GameAct3
Next Gen Bronies
Rainbow Cloud by LovestruckDart
Doors, Rooms, and Objects
Lightning Bliss New Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96

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Monthly Stats

Group Activity
I have to send these reminders so frequently it is ridiculous, so here is a mass reminder.

Please submit your deviations to the correct folders.

I am reaching a point where I want to start rejecting submissions that are in the incorrect folder outright. It is growing exceptionally tedious to keep sending the same reminders repeatedly, and especially when it is to the same person over and over again. Please pay attention to where your deviation is supposed to go!
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RockportMaricruz Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Attention all MLP fans and Brony Analysts: Please make a skit were Fluttershy gets to say "Put The Bunny Back In The Box"…
MLP-HeadStrong Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018
Hello. Sorry to bother you, but I have a lot of deviant picts just waiting for you. If you have the time, can you give the verdict on them.
MLP-HeadStrong Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2019
Why do my recently made deviant picts get denied. Did I submit them in the wrong place?
MLP-HeadStrong Featured By Owner 5 days ago
actually, no offence, but for now on, I'll let others submit my picts in this group, if they want to.
RockportMaricruz Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I want to do a lot of drawings of the Bronalysis as characters of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I don't who will get to be Dr. Scott. Should I choose :iconaynwye: or :icontrickyfox93:
hansemist Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018
"Insert Bexit Joke here"!
AsheAndCJThePikachus Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Student Artist
I know I'm not a analysis but I can make someone great if I try right:0
AsheAndCJThePikachus Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Student Artist
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