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shaolin dude

By Brolo
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a character to Salo´s CCG
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grungeclownProfessional Digital Artist
muy bueno man! me gusta mucho como tequedo! a favoritos!
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Great pic...
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Great work !
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Awesome details, the wall & scratchers, shadings... I really appreciate your artworks.
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I like the hand s position.
gooooooooood wooooooooork
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very nice great picture:)
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very nice great picture:)
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Really cool pose bit of a crazy face tho :P coloring is awesome, Shaolin FTW
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goddessreddProfessional General Artist
Really cool! Great attention to detail in the arms and hands, and the motion is very eye-catching.
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Quilsnap General Artist
the viewpoint is great, and I really like your brick work, very effective
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The gesture is very realistic. Seems to me you know something about chinese martial art, don't you ? Right hand blocks a potential attack to the face. Left hand... Well I don't know. It seems a very hard move to explain.

Nonetheless, good work !
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Kuririn :P

fav ^^
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and this one could fit well in street retsu's disciple.
and yeah ...sempai I forgot to say that this stuff monstrious !!
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retsu's a japanese monk

this one's a shaolin monk.


anyways it would be cool to have a shaolin monk in the SF series
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humm...I see... I though it was the same thing ...but we can still say that retsu traveled to china and find out a disciple , lol...ha ha !nevermind....btw senpai, what about ur project of SF4 character's design ?
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hahaha yeah xD

i dont have any projects :(
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hum... but u were the one who told me u were makin it...with ZEBES...remeber
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sorry but i think you're mistaken xD
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huh...? ah I see ! u're not BROLO ! sorry man ! I really though it was him...I guess u understand. well , see ya ! btw I've checked ur gallery...and it looks crazy ! I like ur style man ... so keep goin forward!!
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ahahah, don't worry, man =P

and thanks for the comments, your gallery's awesome too =D.
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theadeleon Photographer
you're amazing seriously!
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BroloProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you very muchh :):)
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moleeProfessional Digital Artist
LOVE IT!!!!!!

fact: shaolin kungfu was actually originated from india :D.(from the martial art called kalaripayattu and marma-kalai)
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