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Daves Comicbook Inking Set Version 2 2012



New Brush-Sets will be available here:

Info: (CS5 only, no previous version is supported for this set - should work with CS6)

These are the right tools for every Pencil Samurai who wants to wield the digital pen, but as every Samurai you have to practice with your "weapon" to improve. No matter how good the tool is, it is only as effective as the one who wields it!

Rules for this Brushset:

I allow everyone to use my brushes in this folder (Daves Comicbook Inking Set Version 2 2012) for commercial-projects and for personal-projects.

This TPL-file was created with Photoshop CS5 and contains my brand new inkbrushes for inking manga, or comics or to draw/paint anything else you want. Try the different inkbrushes which are creating some interesting strokes.To use this set you have to load the TPL file into your presets panel you can find in Photoshop.

If you want to share my brush-set, just link to the original source. However:
I allow everyone to upload my brush-set to share it with other artists, but you have to mention my username:

"Brollonks" or my real name "David Schmelling". And please link to my Deviantart-Account.

Please don't remove the info-file if you share this brushes with others and don't claim them as your own. Just upload my zip-file if you want to share it.

The preview-image is showing the line-quality as good as possible, you may only upload it anywere together with my brush-set! Viewing the image in full size does show you the original line quality of each brush. Each brush is not meant to be resized during work. You of course may do so, but it could cause a lower quality - the best line quality you can get is when using every brush without resizing them.

You will only see if you like the brushes, when you try them out. But whatever you do - practice a lot to improve.


If you have any questions or requests (maybe I do some) visit my deviantart-profile

If you're not a Deviantart-member you can also write an E-Mail to:

Many thanks and happy drawing!

All the best,
- Dave
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