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Dave's Camelhairbrushes V 2



New Brush-Sets will be available here:

Hello there,

you have difficulties to run Painter on your machine? But you would like to draw your lineart with similar brushes? Are you a Photoshop user? Then this might be an interesting brush-set for you!

This abr-file was created with Photoshop CS4 and contains 3 of my new camelhair brushes, which are rebuild while testing a trial of Painter to get an as similar feel and brushstroke as in Corel Painter 12.
Many settings are activated and shouldn't be altered, as because of those settings the brushes are giving very similar results compared to Painter 12's Tapered Camelhair.

I allow everyone to upload my brushes to share them with other artists, but you have to mention my username:
"Brollonks" or my real name "David Schmelling". And please link to my Deviantart-Account.

Just upload my zip-file if you want to share the Camelhair-Brushes with others.

The preview-image is copyrighted by me, you are not allowed to colour, trace or alter my drawing in any case.

The pressure setting example-image in my zipped file shows the settings for Wacom users - it's good to have those settings to get the best out of my brushes for lineart drawings.

How to use my brushes:

Use precision mode in Photoshop (only crosshairs), hit the CapsLock key to activate the precision mode. So you won't be affected by the brush-tip-shape of your cursor (I tend to press harder when I see the real brush size).

WARNING: Some older versions of Photoshop cannot read this brush-file, as I created it with Photoshop CS4 (version 11.0.2)

Photoshop Elements-users won't get the full results, as there are some options missing which are needed for my brushes.

If you have any questions, ask me - I will answer when I have enough time.

I appreciate favourites or comments - I thank everyone who left a comment and/or a favourite in my previous brush-set-uploads. One user even wrote me an Email - I appreciate that too.

Happy drawing everyone!

- David

PS: Some of you might not like the result of my brushes - but it's worth a try. All in all it's a matter of taste.

And always remember - no brush will make you a better artist. Practice a lot and you will improve a lot. Brushes are only tools - you have to practice with them to get the result you want. ;)
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