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Carbon Pencil Brushes 2013 V 1

New Brush-Sets will be available here:

Info: (CS5 only, no previous version is supported for this set - should work with CS6 too)

Carbon Pencil Brushes 2013 v1

- Drawing brushes which are made of real carbon pencil shapes and textures on paper

Rules for this Brushset:

I allow everyone to use my brushes in this folder (carbonpencils2013 v1) for commercial-projects and for personal-projects.

This ABR-file was created with Photoshop CS5 and contains my brand new carbon pencil brushes for drawing.

If you want to share my brush-set, just link to the original source. However:
I allow everyone to upload my brush-set to share it with other artists, but you have to mention my username:

"Brollonks" or my real name "David Schmelling". And please link to my Deviantart-Account/ or CGHUB account - depending on from which account you downloaded it.

Please don't remove this info-file if you share this brushes with others and don't claim them as your own. Just upload my zip-file if you want to share it.

The preview-image is showing the line-quality as good as possible, you may only upload it anywere together with my brush-set! Viewing the image in full size does show you the original line quality of each brush. Try to vary the strength and size of the flow settings as shown, that way you have smooth and hard brush-versions included in one package. The smoother versions are very good for hatching.

You will only see if you like the brushes, when you try them out. But whatever you do - practice a lot to improve.


If you have any questions or requests (maybe I do some) visit my deviantart-profile

If you're not a Deviantart-member you can also write an E-Mail to:

Many thanks and happy drawing!

All the best,
- Dave
© 2013 - 2022 Brollonks
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Thanks! I Double Love you!

Thanks! I love you!


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Great work! Thanks!

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I feel like I may be missing something, when I use the brushes I do get the nice scrip thin edges they stay thick in all sizes I find. I am starting to think that it may have something to do with my brush settings? 
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Looks like the setting for your brush size controls might be locked (click on the lock symbol if it shows a closed lock). Make sure that every setting has an opened lock symbol.
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Thank you, I managed to fix it and the brushes are lovely thank you so much for sharing 
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You're welcome. :)
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I have found this very useful for quick flicks of hair. A very nice set, thank you for sharing Worship 
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Glad you like it!
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I really love these simple brushes. Whenever I'm working on a drawing/animation on a computer away from home, I come here and download these c: Very helpful, thank you for saving me time!
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You're welcome! If any link or upload might stop working just let me know. Did you check out the Brushes (created by me and my best friend) on the Brush account :iconfood-for-crows:? Here is the gallery with free Brush Set versions, maybe there is some more you find…

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